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Treatments For Dengue fever

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  1. photo Dicas de saúde para os amantes de viagensDicas de saúde para os amantes de viagensTreatment
    Hoje vamos compartilhar as melhores dicas de saúde para quem ama viajar. Você provavelmente já passou por algum problema durante uma viagem, então, leia este artigo para aprender a aproveitar...Read more
  2. How to identify dengue symptomsTreatment
    The first symptoms of dengue fever may include high fever and general malaise, which appear about 3 days after the Aedes Aegypti mosquito bite. It is important to know how this type of disease...Read more
  3. photo What are the symptoms of a viral infectionWhat are the symptoms of a viral infectionTreatment
    A viral infection is any disease that is caused by a virus and lasts for a short period of time, it rarely exceeds 10 days and its main symptoms include: Diarrhea, fever and vomiting; Numbness and...Read more
  4. Leptospirosis: síntomas, complicaciones y cómo tratarTreatment
    La leptospirosis es una enfermedad infecciosa provocada por la bacteria Leptospira, que es transmitida por personas a través de la orina y excrementos de animales infectados, que por lo general...Read more
  5. 12 causes and treatments for eye painTreatment
    Eye pain is a result of changes in the ocular surface or in the more internal regions of the eye. Besides eye pain, people may have other symptoms such as itching and burning sensation, that may...Read more
  6. photo Alerta! vírus da zika: dez coisas que você deve saberAlerta! vírus da zika: dez coisas que você deve saberTreatment
    A Organização Mundial de Saúde (OMS) alertou o mundo inteiro a respeito do vírus da zika, transmitido pelo mosquito Aedes aegypti, que já afeta 15 países do continente americano. O mais preocupante...Read more
  7. photo How to control a fever with medicationHow to control a fever with medicationTreatment
    Paracetamol is the most indicated medicine to reduce fever, because it is a substance that can be used in almost all cases, even in children or pregnant women, and the dose should be adjusted...Read more
  8. What are and how to treat flu symptomsTreatment
    Common cold symptoms begin to be felt about 2 to 3 days after being in contact with a cold or after being exposed to factors that increase the chances of flu, such as cold and pollution, for...Read more
  9. photo 5 melhores plantas para repelir mosquitos!5 melhores plantas para repelir mosquitos!Treatment
    0 Compartilhamentos Compartilhar Twittar Google + Pinterest Revisado por Kaio Rodrigues Biomédico pela UFRGS Especialista do Dicas de Saúde 5 Melhores Plantas Para Repelir Mosquitos! 4.4 (87.5%) 8...Read more
  10. What can cause tingling in legs and feetTreatment
    The tingling sensation in the legs and feet can happen simply by misplacing the body or may be a sign of diseases such as a herniated disc, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, by a fractured limb or an...Read more