Crystals Associated with Patience

Disease: Asthma
Ingredients: Rose


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Patience truly is a virtue. In this hurry up, fast paced, need it yesterday world we live in, patience is even harder a trait to fine tune, let alone maintain. Yet, a life without patience is a life lost in details.

Patience is finding great resolve in the midst of unrealized potential.

I can think of so many examples in my life where impatience has destroyed opportunities. I have also reaped rewards for my acts of patience and determination. The choice is always mine to make.

  • Impatience creates anxiety and restlessness.
  • Impatience breeds fear.
  • Impatience brings about discouragement and this will ultimately lead you to failure.

My specialty in the field of acupuncture and herbal medicine is the art of fertility. The hundreds of women I see each year all my have different reasons for their infertility but the most common thread running throughout is their impatience.

Even women I see in their late 20’s and early 30’s are convinced that their time is up and must have a child this moment. This stress, brought on by their impatience, is the best contraceptive I know. So often, the moment I suggest that she and her husband take a vacation, she comes back pregnant.

I have a friend who is extremely successful in several areas of his life. Yet, because he is not a millionaire, he feels he is a failure and is pushed by this fear created by his impatience and therefore, is blinded by this anxiety and restlessness. In turn, he is constantly making hurried (and often wrong) business decisions, which, set him back further than when he started.

I have a colleague who has been so desperate for love, that she will repeatedly get into relationships that she feels is ultimately a disaster for her because she goes out with the first person who is willing to look her way. This enveloping impatience she carries, brings about a fear of being left out or alone, so she then must feed this need immediately to feel fulfilled. It ultimately brings about disappointment and discouragement.

I will often do business outside of my beloved New York City. One of the most difficult cities I have trouble doing business in is Miami. Although I adore this wonderful city, I always find my patience challenged for many reasons. Perhaps it is because it does not have the same fast paced mentality as New York. People are much more laid back and easy going. Everything runs slower, takes longer and has become one of my greatest places for learning the lesson of patience.

The Lessons Learned from Patience

Keep your anger under control by learning to just breath deep in stressful, impatient situations. Close your eyes if you must, so that you do not focus on the wait before you but the goal beyond this.

Situations that slow us down or cause us to change course, is the Universal energy showing us what is around us. Pay attention. There is most surely a lesson to be learned her. Did you ever think you were being slowed down for a reason? Not just because there is a traffic jam in front of us?

Patience creates confidence. It makes you stand out in a crowd. It allows you peace in the middle of your own private storm. The confidence gained from patience is palpable. I have seen my fellow hurried New Yorkers impatiently waiting on the subway platform for the train and then the mad dash to the train once the doors open. Then in the crowd I would spot a lone man.

Patiently waiting for everyone to jump onto this jammed subway car. He waits. I stop and wait as well. The train leaves and immediately another train pulls in behind the one that just left. This train is empty and there are the two of us standing on the platform. This lesson in confidence and assurance is something I never forget. I guess the question is, “what is really the rush?”

This calm patience creates decisiveness. This decisiveness brings about an air of assuredness and inner peace. This peace generates an ability or willingness to suppress annoyance when confronted with delay. I have seen it in the face of those with patience and have sometimes felt it within myself. This is one of the best feelings I can remember. It is a reward that is worth waiting for.

A rational outlook is the result of a patient mind. A patient mind exhibits a quiet, steady perseverance. Apply discipline to your thoughts when they become anxious over the outcome of your task or goal. This disciplined, rational outlook will unfold when you apply a patient mind.

Learn to become even-tempered and have diligence. This will eventually lead to success.

Crystals Associated with Patience


Properties: This ancient petrified resin (possibly pine tree) has electromagnetic properties. Rubbing a piece of amber with a cloth, will build up an electric charge that makes it attract small items such as wood shavings, paper and straw. It is excellent at detoxification and protection from radiation, especially x-rays, sun, computers, airport, planes and other people’s energies.

Due to its strong connection to nature and the earth, amber is a great stone for grounding our higher energies. Amber can add stability to your life. Helpful in clearing up depression and suicidal thoughts therefore, bringing about a positive mental state. Also useful as a memory aid, which makes it a good stone for studying. Amber is used for past life work, divination and scrying. It aligns mental and emotional bodies via its deep orange and yellow color.

Amber is an Aura cleanser. It assists in bringing our higher vibrations in order, dispersing negative energy and clears the surrounding environment. Amber is the stone, which brings about altruism and great wisdom. Amber is known to attract luck, calm energies, attract love, inspire change and improve wisdom.


Properties: Emerald is a symbol of love and good fortune. This stone is used for abundance, growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, fidelity and honesty. It used against negative energy and has been used in many forms of divination. Most effective on the Heart Chakra perhaps because it access desires held deep within. Emerald provides inspiration and helps those in need of balance, healing, and infinite patience.

Lifts depression, helps with insomnia, knowingness of the heart and peaceful dreams. Helps the wearer gain physical, emotional, and mental equilibrium. The pale, clear, green Emeralds are valuable in meditative work, as well as healing. It works best when combined with a Diamond or worn alone. It gives wisdom from the mental plane, so that the possessor is motivated to give love and wisdom to others.

Do not wear an Emerald constantly. It should only be worn when the wearer feels the need to have it near. They were used to strengthen memory, to aid in eloquence, and to reveal the truth or falsity of a lover’s oaths.


Properties: The stone of emotional expression, howlite can be used to facilitate awareness, encourage calm communication by combining reason with patience and observation. Howlite gently absorbs and uplifts stress, tension, anxiety and emotional intensity due to emotional imbalance.

Howlite works by helping one to build decency of character. It shows us how to be less selfish, confrontational and less critical. This is a good stone to help eliminate rage and anger. Howlite increases action, dissolves hesitation as it encourages ambition towards one’s goals. Although this stone in white in pure form, Howlite is most effective on the HeartChakra center, bringing greater gentleness, patience and tact.

Howlite has been used in the past for astral traveling and accessing past lives. It has a strong spiritual connection to the past, as it can lead you to a stronger spiritual future. Placing the stone at the Third EyeChakra can do this. It therefore makes for a wonderful meditation stone.

Ocean (Orbicular) Jasper

Properties: Ocean Jasper is produced from only one mine near Marovato, Madagascar. The deposit, being located at the edge of the ocean, can only be seen and collected at low tide. This remote area has no roads so the material must be transported to civilization by boat. Technically considered “Orbicular Jasper” in reference to its colorful orbs, some have adopted the name “Moon Jewel Jasper.”

But “Ocean Jasper” seems most fitting, as it was found right along the shore. Orbicular jasper’s distinctive patterns are made up of round or spherical inclusions of contrasting colors floating in solid jasper. The orbs can range in diameter from a millimeter to a centimeter, and frequently show a particularly dramatic concentric banding. How orbicular jasper forms is still a scientific mystery.

This stone helps one to accept responsibilities, develop patience and help with circular breathing during meditation. Orbicular Jasper allows for nutritional stabilization, to improve digestion and assist in detoxification and elimination.


Properties: Rhodonite is the “Stone of Love”! This stone symbolizes “self realization”. Rhodonite works with the Heart Chakra by soothing the heart center as well as the Root Chakra for grounding and balancing, due to the presence of black oxides in this stone.

This balance of colors allows for a powerful and vibration for caring for one’s self. Rhodonite allows for confidence and self worth. Helps us express confidence and lovingness on physical plane in day-to-day ways. Calms and feeds the soul through the heart; love and service. It helps us with confusion and allows us to focus. This stone helps to strengthen mantras, chanting, and affirmations, singing and toning.

Rose Quartz

Properties: Rose Quartz represents love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, lovingness, self-love and emotional balance! Rose Quartz works with the Heart Chakra. It is a soft, gentle, soothing stone that warms the heart center. Its value as a nurturing friend cannot be overstated. Neither can it’s soothing influence. Helps diffuse negative stimuli and uncomfortable memories.

Helps us discover the ability to love ourselves and makes us more open to other people. It is of particular value in helping us to forgive ourselves, hastening self-acceptance. Helps us realize that all change is important, even difficult change. Stimulates love and tender appreciation of all things.

Tourmaline (Green)

Properties: A healing stone that some gem healers consider the strongest of all green stones. Helps achieve balance in all areas. Extremely beneficial for the nervous system, brain, and immunological system. Stimulates creativity and communication. Helps you recognize and avoid negative energies before they become damaging. Recommended for people who wish to better understand their own spirituality.

Business and success. Taking heart, will to live, life-force, prosperity, compassion. Energizes Central Nervous System (for neuralgia, migraine, burns, etc.) Opens/heals physical and emotional Heart Chakra. Lungs, asthma. Cleanses meridians and blocks, stimulates new growth, rejuvenates heart, lymph, immune system. Thymus and entire body health. Yang in nature.

Tourmaline (Watermelon)

Properties: Draws Love. Brings together compassion, passion, depth of heart with life-force and grounding Red). Emotional and spiritual love (light pink) expressed in the physical heart (Green) Excels for immune system and life-threatening illnesses. Balances metabolism, endocrine system; harmonizing. Empowers other tourmalines. Yin/yang balance.

This stone is believed to work on the muscular skeletal system and therefore is beneficial for degenerative disorders and autoimmune disorders such as lupus, chronic fatigue and multiple sclerosis.

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