Animal Crystal Shapes and their Correspondences

Disease: Jaundice


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You can use these specific stones for jewelry, meditations, or carry them as a totem. (Click here for information on specific stone and gem correspondences.)

Alligator: Survival and stealth

Dolphin: Joy and harmony

Frog: Cleansing and Peace

Goose: Safe returns from trips

Otter: Joy and laughter

Salmon: Determination and persistence

Seagull: Versatility

Seal: Contentment

Swan: Elegance

Turtle: Love and protection

Whale: Creativity and intuition

Antelope: Speed and grace

Bear: Strength and self-knowledge

Buffalo: Abundance and healing

Caribou: Mobility

Cougar: Leadership

Coyote: Humor

Elephant: Luck and good memory

Elk: Pride and majesty

Fox: Cleverness

Goat: Diligence

Hedgehog: Self preservation

Horse: Freedom and power

Lizard: Letting go

Moose: Spontaneity

Porcupine: Innocence

Rabbit: Conquering any fears

Skunk: Caution

Snail: Perseverance

Snake: Power

Squirrel: Thriftiness

Bee: Gathering for the community

Bird: Unity and freedom

Butterfly: Transformation

Crane: Balance

Crow: Council and wisdom

Dragonfly: Skill and refinement

Eagle: Healing and potency

Hawk: Truth

Owl: Vision and insight

Raven: Mystery

Sandpiper: Quickness

These are most of the common animals. There are, of course, many more to be named, but this is a comprehensive list of most animals.

When you wear or use these symbols in your daily life, they can bring the aforementioned value to your life. They can be totems or just special symbols that connect with your inner being.

Many people have animals as their totems as well as other objects. These animals stay with you for your entire life and ward off danger when they feel you are threatened.

They are meant to watch over us and keep us protected.

Crystal Ball: Send energy in every direction

Pyramids: Focus all energies

Egg shape: Bring forth new beginnings

Scarab: Abundance

Feather: Call the spirits

Ankh: Enhances fertility of the mind, spirit, and bod

Yin Yang: Balance

Cross: Protection

Heart: Love

There are also other shapes used for crystal making that have numerous meanings as well. These are the most common seen and used by others.

Find your specific piece by seeing what resonates with you when you look at it and hold it.

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Jaundice (also called icterus) is when the skin and the whites of the eyes become a yellow color. People with jaundice have a problem with their liver, which stops it from removing dead red blood cells properly. These blood cells contain a chemical called bilirubin. Bilirubin causes the yellow coloring of the skin. Jaundice is common in newly born babies. It usually starts the second day after...More