Prescription 2015: hand massage

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Prescription 2015: hand massage

The finest natural therapies combine several important elements. Ideally, they’re free or low in cost and don’t require specialized equipment. They should be evidence-based and easy to perform. And, whenever possible, it helps if a remedy produces results consistently and quickly. A daily hand massage provides all of these attributes and many others.

Typically, when you have a massage you ask the masseuse to focus on areas that are painful and/or tense. Much like other forms of body work, hand massages can address localized symptoms. However, a growing body of research indicates that this simple practice can also minimize discomfort throughout the body. What’s more, symptomatic improvement isn’t exclusive to body aches. It’s now evident that hand massage benefits psychological health as well.

The proof for my assertions comes directly from the medical literature. Study after study reveals that hand massage and hand reflexology decrease pain duration and severity under numerous circumstances ranging from chronic pain in seniors to burn and surgical recovery. In many experiments, as little as five minutes of hand massage has, likewise, been shown to lessen anxiety,depression and sleep disturbance. This not only improves quality of life, it also results in reductions in medication use.

I have a few tips to help ensure the best possible results when adopting a hand massage routine. While five minutes may be enough for some, up to twenty minutes can optimize outcomes. Adding an aromatherapeutic component to the massage can further boost mood and relieve pain. Lavender essential oil has a good track record in this department. Using argan oil as a “carrier” or base oil for the lavender adds moisturizing and skin toning properties to the mixture. About 10 drops of lavender oil for every ounce of argan oil is a good starting point. Lastly, you can certainly massage your own hands if desired or necessary. But, getting and giving a massage to a loved one provides additional benefits such as enhanced communication and promoting feelings of intimacy.

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