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  1. photo Teenager-Owned Craft Distillery Makes Award-Winning <b>Gin</b>Teenager-Owned Craft Distillery Makes Award-Winning GinArticle
    Any gin and tonic lover is sure to love craft gin, and if you do, take special note, because there’s a new craft distillery on the market. And it’s run by a group of kids. It’s called SiblingRead more
  2. Nettoyer une pipeArticle
    Quand on veut nettoyer une pipe encrassée, il suffit de tremper le cure-pipe dans de la vodka ou du gin. Passer ensuite l’objet dans le conduit plusieurs fois. Attention, il ne fautRead more
  3. Oter les reflets sur les lunettesArticle
    ou avec un alcool blanc style vodka ou gin et les reflets partiront.Read more
  4. photo Kevin Trudeau ordered to surrender his passports as feds try to force $37 million in <b>GIN</b> refundsKevin Trudeau ordered to surrender his passports as feds try to force $37 million in GIN refundsNews
    Kevin Trudeau, the founder of the highly controversial Global Information Network (GIN), has been ordered by a federal court to surrender all his passports in order to ensure he does not leaveRead more
  5. photo 7 Organic and Sustainable Mixed Drinks Ingredients for Tasty Summer Cocktails7 Organic and Sustainable Mixed Drinks Ingredients for Tasty Summer CocktailsArticle
    sustainable booze, from gin to tequila. Here’s a roundup of some tasty organic spirits and mixed drinks ingredients sure to make your selection of summer cocktails as fun as they can be. 1. Prairie OrganicRead more
  6. photo How to Make Halloween Cocktails Frightfully DeliciousHow to Make Halloween Cocktails Frightfully DeliciousArticle
    Way old-school cocktail with a ready-made Halloween name, the Corpse Reviver #2 just happens to be a lovely and very complex cocktail. 1 oz organic gin (below) 1 oz Combier or Cointreau 1 oz LilletRead more
  7. photo OMG: Target Stores to Get Customers Drunk While ShoppingOMG: Target Stores to Get Customers Drunk While ShoppingArticle
    .  Now this isn’t your illegal prohibition era “make you go blind” moonshine, but small batch distilled white spirits that offer lots of tasty variations. Gin and Tonic with Bitters – Gin and tonicsRead more
  8. photo Calorias das bebidas alcoólicas! Qual tem menos?Calorias das bebidas alcoólicas! Qual tem menos?Recipe
    calorias, o que equivale a 20 calorias maior do que uma fatia de bacon frito Calorias do Gin Um shot de gin, de 45 ml, contém 97 calorias. Como o gin é geralmente consumido com água tônica e outrosRead more
  9. photo Fizzy Rosemary Rhubarb Cocktail RecipeFizzy Rosemary Rhubarb Cocktail RecipeArticle
    Ready to imbibe in a summer cocktail that’s old-school, sophisticated and from the garden all at once? So are we. This recipe for Rosemary Rhubarb Cocktail is a throwback to the old-fashioned ginRead more
  10. photo Conheça os benefícios do zimbroConheça os benefícios do zimbroTreatment
    usado para dar o sabor e aroma característicos da bebida alcoólica gin, bastante usado em drinques, com sabor e perfume levemente adocicados. As bagas do zimbro ainda tem propriedades e aplicaçõesRead more

photo Gingivitis



Gingivitis ("inflammation of the gum tissue") is a non-destructive periodontal disease. The most common form of gingivitis, and the most common form of periodontal disease overall, is in response to bacterial biofilms (also called plaque) adherent to tooth surfaces, termed plaque-induced gingivitis. Gingivitis is reversible with good oral hygiene. However in the absence of treatment, or if not...More

photo Ginger


Medicinal Plant / Herbs and Spices / Vegetable

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a flowering plant in the family Zingiberaceae whose rhizome, ginger root or simply ginger, is widely used as a spice or a medicine. It is a herbaceous perennial which grows annual stems about a meter tall bearing narrow green leaves and yellow flowers. Ginger is indigenous to southern China, and was spread eventually to the Spice Islands, other parts of Asia and...More