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"Worth syndrome"

  1. photo Sjogren’s <b>Syndrome</b> SolutionsSjogren’s Syndrome SolutionsTreatment
    because of debilitating symptoms relating to Sjogren’s syndrome. This autoimmune condition can manifest itself in a number of ways including musculoskeletal pain, persistent fatigue and severe drynessRead more
  2. photo Diet Soda Consumption Linked to Metabolic <b>Syndrome</b>Diet Soda Consumption Linked to Metabolic SyndromeArticle
    consumers and the popular soft-drink segment. The research team, led by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Dr. Kiyah Duffey, collected 20-years worth of data on diet soda consumption from more thanRead more
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    “provide a service worth an estimated US $1bn globally by controlling pests on corn crops, a study has suggested.” The mind-boggling estimate was originally reported in the Proceedings of the NationalRead more
  4. photo How to NOT Get Carpal Tunnel <b>Syndrome</b> (Keep Those Wrists Healthy!)How to NOT Get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Keep Those Wrists Healthy!)Article
    on your wrists and hands can set you up for carpal tunnel syndrome. But you don’t have to accept the desk worker’s fate. A few tips and carpal tunnel exercises can keep your wrists and hands healthy. CarpalRead more
  5. photo Toxic Home <b>Syndrome</b> causes heart disease, cancer - how polluted is your home?Toxic Home Syndrome causes heart disease, cancer - how polluted is your home?News
    routine activities in the household may jeopardize health; something called Toxic Home Syndrome is to blame.Quite simply, this refers to air pollution that occurs in one's home, and it happens as peopleRead more
  6. photo Magnesium and Health – Part 2Magnesium and Health – Part 2Treatment
    .” Have you ever heard of Tourette syndrome (TS)? Tourette syndrome is a nervous system (neurological) disorder in which patients speak or move in involuntary ways. These involuntary actions are oftenRead more
  7. photo Natural Dry Eye RemediesNatural Dry Eye RemediesTreatment
    such as Sjogren’s syndrome to menopause to side effects of certain medications (antihistamines, birth control, hormone replacement, etc.). Conventional treatment often utilizes lubricating eye drops, punctalRead more
  8. photo Prevent Bruising NaturallyPrevent Bruising NaturallyTreatment
    , supplemental and topical approaches one can take to address both of these risk factors. Citrus bioflavonoids top the list of natural remedies worth considering. A recent 6 week study publishedRead more
  9. photo Diabetes Dementia ConnectionDiabetes Dementia ConnectionTreatment
    additional supplements worth noting are DHA, an omega-3fatty acid found in algae and fish, and Vitamin D3. Daily consumption of3 grams of DHA discourages blood sugar induced lipid changes such ashighRead more
  10. photo Using antidepressants while pregnant raises child's risk of obesity, diabetes, and moreUsing antidepressants while pregnant raises child's risk of obesity, diabetes, and moreNews
    is the driving force behind the $12 billion worth of antidepressant drugs sold each year."But there is a major problem with this theory: there is absolutely no evidence to support it. Kresser continued, "RecentRead more

photo Worth syndrome

Worth syndrome


Worth syndrome, also known as benign form of Worth hyperostosis corticalis generalisata with torus platinus, autosomal dominant osteosclerosis, autosomal dominant endosteal hyperostosis or Worth disease, is a rare autosomal dominant congenital disorder that is caused by a mutation in the LRP5 gene. It is characterized by increased bone density and benign bony structures on the palate.Worth...More