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  1. photo As These <b>Willows</b> Grow, Pollution ShrinksAs These Willows Grow, Pollution ShrinksArticle
    At the sprawling Fort Drum military installation in New York, 23,000 willow plants are cleaning up the site of a 164,000-gallon plume of fuel that has been spreading underground for more than 50Read more
  2. photo Sauce – <b>Willow</b> – Remedios florales de BachSauce – Willow – Remedios florales de BachTreatment
    Nombre común: Sauce Nombre científico: Salix viminalis Nombre en inglés: Willow Método de potenciación: Hervido Estado emocional: Amargura, resentimiento, depresión. Le echa la culpa a DiosRead more
  3. photo Reduce pain and cramping with white <b>willow</b> barkReduce pain and cramping with white willow barkNews
    White willow bark has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, advised his patients to chew on the bark to reduce inflammation and fight offRead more
  4. photo Fibromyalgia: Cayenne Pepper and <b>Willow</b> Bark Can Eliminate PainFibromyalgia: Cayenne Pepper and Willow Bark Can Eliminate PainTreatment
    may help soothe the symptoms of fibromyalgia, since their properties soothe pains and relax the muscles. These include: calendula, willow, thyme, horsetail, ginger, and blessed thistle. An essentialRead more
  5. photo <b>Willow</b> herb extracts may be able to curb the rise of multi-drug resistant bacteriaWillow herb extracts may be able to curb the rise of multi-drug resistant bacteriaNews
    online in the journal Open Chemistry, willow herb extracts could serve as an antidote in therapies against multi-drug resistant bacteria. Antibiotic resistance is a major concern among health professionalsRead more
  6. photo 7 Great Herbs To Help You Fight Arthritis & Joint Pain7 Great Herbs To Help You Fight Arthritis & Joint PainTreatment
    properties. 5. Willow Bark According to historical records, willow bark was first used in 500 BC by the Chinese who used it to relieve pain and treat fever. Native Americans have also used this naturalRead more
  7. photo Eliminate headaches fast with these five herbsEliminate headaches fast with these five herbsNews
    pharmaceutical solutions should be avoided. Here's how:Five herbs that eliminate headaches without side-effects (1) Willow (Salix alba, white willow, willow bark) has a long history of pain relief. White willowRead more
  8. photo Four herbs with natural painkilling propertiesFour herbs with natural painkilling propertiesNews
    as prescription painkillers, they are much safer to consume and lack their unpleasant side effects.White willow White willow is the most famous of the 300 willow species, and its bark enjoys a time-honoredRead more
  9. photo Top natural remedies to fight winter coldsTop natural remedies to fight winter coldsNews
    become a common denominator and being uncomfortable is often an understatement. With these symptoms, as long as they are not too severe, you can take willow bark to help relieve these symptoms. WillowRead more
  10. photo Build A Living Kid’s Playhouse That Brings Them Back To Mother NatureBuild A Living Kid’s Playhouse That Brings Them Back To Mother NatureArticle
    the gaps and water once more. Willow den Supplies: Straw for the base. Large bundle of green willow rods Directions: Pick your space. Lay the straw over the surface of your space. Make gaps 2-3 inchesRead more

photo Willow


Medicinal Plant

Willows, sallows, and osiers form the genus Salix, around 400 species of deciduous trees and shrubs, found primarily on moist soils in cold and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Most species are known as willow, but some narrow-leaved shrub species are called osier, and some broader-leaved species are referred to as sallow (from Old English sealh, related to the Latin word salix,...More