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  1. photo Signs of a <b>Vitamin</b> <b>B12</b> <b>Deficiency</b> and How to Treat ItSigns of a Vitamin B12 Deficiency and How to Treat ItTreatment
    ? Well, it means that you can’t create new, healthy cells, which means that you will start to see the signs of aging speed up. What are the Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency? How do you know if you’reRead more
  2. photo Do you have a <b>vitamin</b> <b>B12</b> <b>deficiency</b>?Do you have a vitamin B12 deficiency?News
    While vitamin B12 (cobalamin) deficiencies are often associated with a vegan or vegetarian diet, today's meat eaters are not risk-free either. In the U.S., an estimated 47 million people are B12Read more
  3. photo <b>Vitamin</b> <b>B12</b> - A rare <b>deficiency</b> unless you're veganVitamin B12 - A rare deficiency unless you're veganNews
    The requirement for vitamin B12 is very low, but it is absolutely essential. A mild vitamin B12 deficiency results in weakness and fatigue. A more serious deficiency causes shortness of breathRead more
  4. photo The Important Facts You Need To Know About <b>Vitamin</b> <b>B12</b> <b>Deficiency</b>The Important Facts You Need To Know About Vitamin B12 DeficiencyTreatment
    does vitamin B12 deficiency occur? It usually affects people over 60. Unfortunately, the low limit of the tests for vitamin B12 deficiency is pretty high, and most people are not even awareRead more
  5. photo No One is Thinking About <b>Vitamin</b> <b>B12</b> – The Most Important NutrientNo One is Thinking About Vitamin B12 – The Most Important NutrientTreatment
    deficiency limits your ability to think clearly! What are the benefits of B12? Like most vitamins, this one plays an integral role, but the sad thing is that it is very scarce in foods. Vitamin B12 is vitalRead more
  6. photo 47 million Americans are <b>B12</b> <b>deficient</b>47 million Americans are B12 deficientNews
    An estimated 47 million Americans are B12 deficient, and very few of them know it. Vitamin B12 is vital in the production of DNA and red blood cells and the regulation of energy, sleep and moodRead more
  7. photo Your Arthritis Pain is Being Triggered By This <b>Vitamin</b> <b>Deficiency</b>Your Arthritis Pain is Being Triggered By This Vitamin DeficiencyTreatment
    haven’t looked after your fingers and hands properly. But sometimes, arthritis pain isn’t really arthritis at all. Sometimes, it comes down to a simple vitamin deficiency. Vitamin B12 for instanceRead more
  8. Multiple sclerosis, and vitamin D, B12 deficienciesNews
    , especially vitamin D and vitamin B12. The Vitamin B12 Connection Those who have MS have low levels of vitamin B12 in their cerebrospinal fluid, blood serum, or both. A vitamin B12 deficiency is often mistakenRead more
  9. photo PPI drugs proven to cause <b>vitamin</b> <b>B12</b> <b>deficiency</b>PPI drugs proven to cause vitamin B12 deficiencyNews
    Permanente sick care plan who were diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency between 1997 and 2011, and nearly 185,000 people with healthy B12 levels.It's safe to assume that most or all of the subjects whoseRead more
  10. photo Feeling a little down? You may be low on B <b>vitamins</b> - Here are some easy ways to boost your levelsFeeling a little down? You may be low on B vitamins - Here are some easy ways to boost your levelsNews
    , determined that depression among Hispanics in the area was at least partly caused by chronic inflammation due to vitamin B6 deficiencies. This deficiency inhibits the cysteine needed to create the masterRead more