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  1. photo Is Acorn Squash with Ghee & Maple Syrup Good for Me?Is Acorn Squash with Ghee & Maple Syrup Good for Me?Recipe
    Cholagogue Livotonic Stool-Softener Promotes-Fertility Promotes-Virility Rebuilds-Fluids Tonic Muscle-Tonic Alterative Builds-SemenRead more
  2. Cardamom Coconut Spice MixRecipe
    minutes Cook Time: 0 minutes Pharmacological Effects Antacid Raises-Thyroid Promotes-Virility Tonic Blood-Tonic Antifungal Brain-Tonic Anti-Inflammatory ayurvedic notesCoconutRead more
  3. photo Bone Broth RiceBone Broth RiceRecipe
    -Softener Promotes-Virility Promotes-Fertility Blood-Tonic Muscle-Tonic Livotonic Digestive ayurvedic notesRice soups are easy to digest and nourishing. Bone broth nourishes bone tissueRead more
  4. Ginger, Fennel, Coconut Flakes Spice CombinationRecipe
    -Tonic Digestive Anti-Inflammatory Antispasmodic Stomachic Expectorant Tonic Livotonic Sialogogue Promotes-Virility Raises-Thyroid Vasodilator Antacid AntiarthriticRead more
  5. photo Dates with Shredded CoconutDates with Shredded CoconutRecipe
    Servings: 2 Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 0 minutes Pharmacological Effects Tonic Livotonic Blood-Tonic Nutritive Alterative Opthalmic Promotes-Fertility Promotes-Virility RaisesRead more
  6. photo Almond Milk Chai with Mint & FennelAlmond Milk Chai with Mint & FennelRecipe
    -Toxins Appetizer Antispasmodic Bronchodilator Promotes-Fertility Promotes-Virility Antitussive Stomachic Tonic Brain-Tonic Nutritive Livotonic Galactagogue Builds-SemenRead more
  7. Cumin with Milk & HoneyRecipe
    Nutritive Demulcent Carminative Burns-Toxins Antispasmodic Antitussive Promotes-Virility Styptic Tonic Vulnerary Muscle-Tonic Male-Tonic Hemostatic General-Laxative BoneRead more
  8. String Beans with SesameRecipe
    , Rajasic Servings: 2 Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes Pharmacological Effects Tonic Muscle-Tonic Digestive Decongestant Promotes-Virility Skin-Tonic Livotonic aboutTangyRead more
  9. photo Natural Viagra BeerNatural Viagra BeerArticle
    the pathway to the bedroom, beer has never had a reputation for helping the human male achieve the peak of sexual performance. That might all be changing, with the introduction of Royal Virility PerformanceRead more
  10. Almond Smoothie with Lavendar & SesameRecipe
    , Sattvic, Alkalizing Servings: 1 Prep Time: 10 minutes Pharmacological Effects Nutritive Promotes-Virility Promotes-Fertility Builds-Semen Tonic Skin-Tonic Blood-Tonic Bone-TonicRead more



In biology and medicine, virilization is the biological development of sex differences, changes that make a male body different from a female body. Most of the changes of virilization are produced by androgens. Virilization is most commonly used in three medical and biology of gender contexts: prenatal sexual differentiation, the postnatal changes of normal male puberty, and excessive androgen...More