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"Viral meningitis"

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  1. photo Vaccines don't work: Malignant mumps in MMR vaccinated childrenVaccines don't work: Malignant mumps in MMR vaccinated childrenNews
    affirm the normally benign trajectory of mumps infections, stating: "Mumps is a usually benign pediatric viral disease caused by a rubulavirus, RNA virus of the paramyxoviridae family."The report was basedRead more
  2. photo Princeton to use students as vaccine experiment subjects with rollout of non-approved <b>meningitis</b> vaccinePrinceton to use students as vaccine experiment subjects with rollout of non-approved meningitis vaccineNews
    than a handful of students contracting mild meningitis (and then fully recovering), Princeton now wants to inject ALL students with a vaccine that isn't even approved for use in the United StatesRead more
  3. photo Man cures his spinal <b>meningitis</b> with raw foodsMan cures his spinal meningitis with raw foodsNews
    When John Kohler was in college, severe headaches and pain necessitated an emergency room visit where he endured a painful spinal tap and was diagnosed with spinal meningitis. Doctors deliveredRead more
  4. photo CDC: Sharp uptick in cases of mysterious polio-like illness paralyzing childrenCDC: Sharp uptick in cases of mysterious polio-like illness paralyzing childrenNews
    , the medical categorization of polio and other diseases changed as well. Before the vaccine, cases of aseptic meningitis and coxsackie virus were classified as polio too. After the vaccine was introducedRead more
  5. photo Jugo Natural para la <b>Meningitis</b>Jugo Natural para la MeningitisTreatment
    La Meningitis: Es una infección bacteriana de las membranas que cubren el cerebro y la médula espinal (meninges). Las causas más comunes de meningitis son las infecciones virales que generalmenteRead more
  6. photo Los Mejores Remedios Caseros para Detener la FiebreLos Mejores Remedios Caseros para Detener la FiebreTreatment
    o enfermedades, sabiendo esto, se considera que la fiebre es un síntoma de una enfermedad y no una enfermedad por sí misma. Por ejemplo, la fiebre puede ser causada por infecciones de carácter bacteriano o viralRead more
  7. Remedios para bajar la fiebre infantilTreatment
    y los síntomas que posee para poder determinar lo que tiene. En la mayoría de los casos, la fiebre responde a un proceso viral como la gripe y, casi siempre es benigno; pero, en algunas ocasiones, podría serRead more
  8. Remedios para el vómitoTreatment
     son causados por una infección gastrointestinal (bacteriana, viral o parasitaria), consumo excesivo de alcohol, o una reacción a un medicamento. Otras causas que pueden provocar vómitos por un período mayorRead more
  9. Remedios para bajar la fiebreTreatment
    , no puede considerarse la fiebre como una dolencia en sí sino como un síntoma. La fiebre puede deberse a diversas causas como: Infecciones bacterianas o virales Enfermedades tipo gripe o resfriadosRead more
  10. Remedios para el sarampiónTreatment
    El sarampión es una enfermedad viral, altamente contagiosa  y exantemática que afecta, por lo general, a niños y adolescentes. El sarampión empieza como un resfriado común, con tos, escurrimientoRead more

Viral meningitis


Viral meningitis is an infection of the brain that is caused by a virus. It is usually caused by enteroviruses. Viral meningitis is not so dangerous as meningitis that is caused by bacteria and the symptoms are often mild or similar to flu. This disease occurs mainly in the summer. Children get this infection more than adults. Children usually recover completely after a two weeks. Strong...More