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"Uveal melanoma"

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  1. photo Red wine nutrient resveratrol blocks <b>melanoma</b> - Natural News ScienceRed wine nutrient resveratrol blocks melanoma - Natural News ScienceNews
    can help treat uveal melanoma (), while another study out of the University of California, Irvine (UCI) identified a different mechanism by which resveratrol fights melanoma, in this case by disruptingRead more
  2. [Estudo] A Ciência é Conclusiva: Telefones Celulares Causam CâncerNews
    são pressionadas diretamente contra os seios. Hindawi.com. 10) Os pesquisadores na Alemanha também ligaram a radiação do telefone celular ao melanoma uveal e outros tipos de câncer de olho: NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov. 11Read more
  3. photo The science is conclusive: Mobile phones cause cancerThe science is conclusive: Mobile phones cause cancerNews
    ) Researchers in Germany have also linked mobile phone radiation to uveal melanoma and other cancers of the eye:NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov.11) Practically every other type of cancer not covered by one of the aforementionedRead more

photo Uveal melanoma

Uveal melanoma


Uveal melanoma is a cancer (melanoma) of the eye involving the iris, ciliary body, or choroid (collectively referred to as the uvea). Tumors arise from the pigment cells (melanocytes) that reside within the uvea giving color to the eye. These melanocytes are distinct from the retinal pigment epithelium cells underlying the retina that do not form melanomas.Uveal melanomas are the most common...More