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  1. photo Tea tree oil is a mini medicine cabinet in a bottleTea tree oil is a mini medicine cabinet in a bottleNews
    . Mix five drops of tea tree oil in a half pint of water to make a vaginal douche to treat vaginal yeast infection, or other infections such as trichomoniasis, vaginitis, or cystitis. A study fromRead more
  2. photo STD Testing: When a UTI is Not a UTISTD Testing: When a UTI is Not a UTITreatment
    that could cause you other problems later on. For example, HPV causes cervical cancers and genital warts; untreated trichomoniasis can cause premature births and low birth rates; and untreated chlamydia canRead more
  3. photo Benefits of mint teaBenefits of mint teaTreatment
    congestion, especially in cases of flu or cold with cough; Abdominal pains, due to having an anti-spasmodic property; Insomnia; Diarrhea with blood; Genital trichomoniasis; This medicinal plant can also helpRead more
  4. Brown vaginal discharge: what does it mean and when is it normalTreatment
    infections, such as trichomoniasis, which arise especially when vaginal pH is altered by frequent vaginal washes, for example. When is a brownish vaginal discharge normal Brown discharge is normal in theRead more
  5. photo Stds: types, testing and how to avoid getting an stdStds: types, testing and how to avoid getting an stdTreatment
    discomfort caused by the symptoms, as the infection has no cure and symptoms can take up to 20 days to disappear. 5. Trichomoniasis Tichomoniasis is caused by a parasite that causes symptoms such as greyishRead more
  6. photo Vaginal discharge: what each color meansVaginal discharge: what each color meansTreatment
    When vaginal discharge has some color, smell or unusual consistency, it may indicate the presence of vaginal infection such as candidiasis, trichomoniasis or the sexually transmitted diseases, suchRead more
  7. Remedies for each type of parasitic worm and how to take themTreatment
    the DNA of bacteria and protozoa, causing their death. In addition, it is also widely used for other types of protozoal infections, such as vaginal infections by Gardnerella vaginalis and TrichomoniasisRead more
  8. Gardnerella vaginalis: what is it, causes and treatmentTreatment
    a gynecologist for tests such as the pap smear, which helps to detect other infections such as trichomoniasis or gonorrhea, because they have similar symptoms but are treated differently. In men, the bacteria canRead more
  9. How to identify different types of vaginitisTreatment
    ; Trichomoniasis; Genital herpes; HPV; Chlamydia; Gonorrhea; Syphilis. These infections are usually transmitted by sexual intercourse. However, candidiasis can occur when there are changes in vaginal pH andRead more

photo Trichomoniasis



Trichomoniasis, commonly referred to as "trich" is a sexually transmitted disease.More