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  1. photo <b>Tomatillo</b> SalsaTomatillo SalsaArticle
    As our May Organic Produce Report indicated, tomatoes are still very much in season—and so are their tomatillo cousins. With Cinco de Mayo only a few days away, our weekend recipe is a deliciousRead more
  2. photo Organic <b>Tomatillos</b>Organic TomatillosArticle
    The next time you head to your local natural and organic food store, check the produce department for tomatillos. This yellow or green fruit, a member of the tomato family, has been a stapleRead more
  3. photo Green Gazpacho Salad Recipe with <b>Tomatillos</b>Green Gazpacho Salad Recipe with TomatillosRecipe
    and Mexican tomatillos, all of which come together in this crisp, spicy and refreshing green gazpacho salad recipe. Serve it as a side with with a tortilla or bean soup or with some homemade enchiladas for yourRead more
  4. photo Plant of the Month: 5 FAQ’s About Harvesting <b>Tomatillos</b>Plant of the Month: 5 FAQ’s About Harvesting TomatillosArticle
    garden, with delicate husks that look like Chinese lanterns forming from its flowers. These Mexican fruits are called tomatillos, or husk tomatoes, that belong the Nightshade family alongside peppersRead more
  5. photo Get Saucy! Roasted <b>Tomatillo</b> Salsa RecipeGet Saucy! Roasted Tomatillo Salsa RecipeRecipe
    It’s the height of tomatillo season and those tasty little husked green globes of perfection make a delectable salsa once roasted and seasoned. With this salsa recipe, you’ll be amazed at how easyRead more
  6. photo What are <b>Tomatillos</b> and Green Tomatoes? Same or Different?What are Tomatillos and Green Tomatoes? Same or Different?Article
    You probably see the word a lot, and maybe even see them growing at your local market, but what are tomatillos, exactly? Are they are green tomatoes? Green tomatoes can be used in a hostRead more
  7. photo Adobo White Chili Recipe with Lime-Avocado Crema and <b>Tomatillo</b>Adobo White Chili Recipe with Lime-Avocado Crema and TomatilloArticle
    chili recipe will make you a believer. It features the deep, rich flavors of adobo and roasted peppers, hearty pork and chicken breast, sweet corn, fresh lime, zesty tomatillo, and smooth avocado cremaRead more
  8. photo Vegan Enchilada Sauce Recipe (2 Ways)Vegan Enchilada Sauce Recipe (2 Ways)Recipe
    topping. The key to the sauce is using fresh tomatillos which are mild yet flavorful. The second recipe is for red enchilada sauce which tastes amazing when paired with pinto beans, sauteed onionsRead more
  9. photo Mexican Posole Soup Recipe with Hominy, Avocado and RadishesMexican Posole Soup Recipe with Hominy, Avocado and RadishesRecipe
    Mexican posole soup is a warm comforting dish made with fresh tomatillos, hominy and hot peppers. The soup is a hearty mixture of pureed roasted vegetables and hominy but the true beauty of posoleRead more
  10. photo How to Plant a Salsa Garden for the SummerHow to Plant a Salsa Garden for the SummerArticle
    Grow a salsa garden this summer with delicious tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, onions and cilantro. This delicious Mexican sauce is a staple for summer meals and parties, and tastes best whenRead more

photo Tomatillo



The tomatillo (Physalis philadelphica), known as the Husk Tomato or Mexican Husk Tomato, is a plant of the nightshade family, related to the cape gooseberry, bearing small, spherical and green or green-purple fruit of the same name. Tomatillos originated in Mexico and are a staple of Mexican cuisine. Tomatillos are grown as annuals throughout the Western Hemisphere. Tomatillos are generally...More