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  1. photo Sintomas da chikugunyaSintomas da chikugunyaTreatment
    chikugunya, em 1950. Causada pelo vírus CHIKV, da família Togaviridae, o problema só surge quando esse elemento é passado aos seres humanos através da picada de dois tipos de mosquito, o Aedes aegyptiRead more 100.044 votos



The Togaviridae are a family of viruses, including the following genera:The Togaviridae family belong to group IV of the Baltimore classification of viruses. The genome is linear, single-stranded, positive sense RNA that is 10,000–12,000 nucleotides long. The 5'-terminus carries a methylated nucleotide cap and the 3'-terminus has a polyadenylated tail, therefore resembling cellular mRNA. The...More