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  1. photo How Do You Treat Kidney StonesHow Do You Treat Kidney StonesTreatment
    , cyroprecipitate, thrombin and indigo carmine so it will be easy to remove using the forceps. Even if surgery is successful, kidney stones can once again appear in the body. To prevent this from happening, youRead more
  2. photo Quais os benefícios das ostrasQuais os benefícios das ostrasTreatment
    against α-thrombin of a novel anticoagulant peptide derived from oyster (Crassostrea gigas) protein . 2018. Disponível em: < https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30457135 >. Acesso em 21/12/2018Read more

photo Thrombin



Thrombin (EC, fibrinogenase, thrombase, thrombofort, topical, thrombin-C, tropostasin, activated blood-coagulation factor II, blood-coagulation factor IIa, factor IIa, E thrombin, beta-thrombin, gamma-thrombin) is a serine protease that in humans is encoded by the F2 gene. Prothrombin (coagulation factor II) is proteolytically cleaved to form thrombin in the coagulation cascade, which...More