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  1. photo Is ugli fruit good for you, or is it a hybridized disaster that wreaks havoc on our health?Is ugli fruit good for you, or is it a hybridized disaster that wreaks havoc on our health?News
    for ugli fruit, a tangelo hybrid from Jamaica that is grapefruit, oranges and tangerines all in one. Despite its grotesque outward appearance, it's rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, and folateRead more
  2. Remedios con mandarina para trigliceridos, laringitis y másTreatment
    con la tangerina dancy. A este híbrido se le conoce como tángelo. Se distingue de otras tangerinas porque son más grandes, de color rojo intenso en el exterior y tienen una formación parecida a una perillaRead more
  3. Frutas cítricas: Beneficios y remedios que se pueden elaborar con ellasTreatment
    que muchas personas las prefieran. Naranjas: Rica fuente de vitamina C (54 g) y vitamina B (31 mcg) que ayuda a disminuir el riesgo de enfermedad cardiaca. Uglis o tángelos: Híbrido entre el pomeloRead more
  4. photo 9 ‘New’ Fruits to Try9 ‘New’ Fruits to TryArticle
    that lives inside. 9. Ugli Fruit – Don’t feel sorry for Ugli fruit; its funny name has helped the oddly-shaped citrus catch on. Derived from the wild Jamaican tangelo, a cross-breed of an orange, tangerineRead more
  5. photo Eating Well: The Healing Harvest of FallEating Well: The Healing Harvest of FallTreatment
    such a temple oranges, tangerines and tangelos – have many important nutritional benefits. Barley Grass and Wheat Grass: Eating barley and wheat grass is like eating a plate of green vegetables. These cerealRead more
  6. photo Foods to Boost Your ImmunityFoods to Boost Your ImmunityTreatment
    – including oranges, grapefruit and specialty varieties such a temple oranges, tangerines, and tangelos – have many important nutritional benefits. Ginger – Warming and antiseptic to the viscera, gingerRead more

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The tangelo (/ˈtændʒəloʊ/ TAN-jə-loh or /tænˈdʒɛloʊ/ tan-JEL-loh; C. reticulata × C. maxima or x C. paradisi), Citrus × tangelo, is a citrus fruit hybrid of tangerine and pomelo or grapefruit. Sometimes referred to as honeybells, tangelos are the size of an adult fist, have a tangerine taste, and are juicy at the expense of flesh. They generally have loose skin and are easier to peel than...More