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"Talisia esculenta"

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    para expelir pedra da vesícula. Pinhão Roxo (Jatrophacurcas) A folha quente serve para dor de cabeça.      Pipoco ou Canapú  Tira dor reumática. Pitombeira (Talisia esculentaRead more 100.033 votos

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Talisia esculenta


Talisia esculenta is a medium-sized tree native to the Amazon Basin, and is found in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay and Bolivia.The tree and fruit are called pitomba in English, Spanish and Portuguese, cotopalo in Spanish, pitoulier comestible in French and olho de boi, pitomba-rana and pitomba de macaco in Portuguese. Pitomba is also used as the name for Eugenia luschnathiana.Talisia...More