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"Stiff person syndrome"

  1. photo Checklist of Fibromyalgia SymptomsChecklist of Fibromyalgia SymptomsTreatment
    if found early. The listed symptoms are common to fibromyalgia but they don’t all happen to one individual.  Each person can suffer the syndrome in a different manner and fibromyalgia symptoms can changeRead more
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  3. photo Fibromyalgia: It’s Not Just in Your HeadFibromyalgia: It’s Not Just in Your HeadArticle
    widespread pain, it can cause other symptoms including: cognitive and memory issues, insomnia, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, numbness and tingling in your hands and feet, restless leg syndromeRead more
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  5. photo Natural Rx: Alternative Treatments for IBD, Colitis, Crohn’s DiseaseNatural Rx: Alternative Treatments for IBD, Colitis, Crohn’s DiseaseTreatment
    , inflammatory bowel disease is often misdiagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Other inflammatory bowel diseases include collagenous colitis, lymphocytic colitis, and diversion colitis. The DifferenceRead more
  6. photo Five natural alternatives for banishing fibromyalgia pain and inflammationFive natural alternatives for banishing fibromyalgia pain and inflammationNews
    is turmeric, an ancient spice commonly used in Indian and Asian cuisine. As it turns out, turmeric works better than many pain killer drugs at relieving joint pain, stiffness, arthritis, muscle spasms, and manyRead more
  7. These Are The Symptoms Of A Stroke. Learn How To Recognize Them!Treatment
    is a clinical syndrome characterized by acute loss of brain function, and lasts more than 24 hours or leads to death. It occurs due to a spontaneous bleeding into the brain parenchyma (intracerebral hemorrhageRead more
  8. photo 9 ways for sufferers of carpal tunnel <b>syndrome</b> to find relief9 ways for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome to find reliefNews
    with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) do?Protect the wrists The most commonsensical thing to do is simply rest the wrists. Try to keep the hands warm, as pain and stiffness are more likely whenRead more
  9. photo Preventive MedicinePreventive MedicineTreatment
    and carbohydrates with high glycemic index and smoking lead to pathological exaggeration of already physiologically increased growth factor signaling of puberty”; 2) “acne is the visible metabolic syndrome of skinRead more
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    diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome. In that blog, I primarily discussed emerging evidence that suggests a new role for this medication, namely as a cancer fighter. But things are coming full circle todayRead more

photo Stiff person syndrome

Stiff person syndrome


Stiff person syndrome (SPS) is a rare neurologic disorder of unclear etiology characterized by progressive rigidity and stiffness. The stiffness primarily affects the truncal muscles and is superimposed by spasms, resulting in postural deformities. Chronic pain, impaired mobility, and lumbar hyperlordosis are common symptoms. The exact mechanism of the condition is unclear.SPS occurs in about...More