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"Steatocystoma multiplex"

  1. photo Enlever un kyste sébacé naturellementEnlever un kyste sébacé naturellementTreatment
    de steatocystomas ou steatocystoma multiplex lorsqu’il y a plusieurs kystes sébacées. On confond parfois les kystes sébacés avec les kystes épidermoïdes et les kystes pilar mais tous ces kystes sont différentsRead more

photo Steatocystoma multiplex

Steatocystoma multiplex


Steatocystoma multiplex, also known as epidermal polycystic disease and sebocystomatosis,:781 is a benign, autosomal dominant congenital condition resulting in multiple cysts on a person's body.First described by Jamieson in 1873, and coined by Pringle in 1899, steatocystoma multiplex (SM) is an uncommon disorder of the pilosebaceous unit characterized by the development of numerous...More