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  1. photo Eat more <b>spearmint</b> for better healthEat more spearmint for better healthNews
    Spearmint has long been a popular addition to a number of different products that are designed to care for the body. Well-known for its minty taste and the fresh feeling it gives a person, spearmintRead more
  2. photo <b>Spearmint</b> (Mentha Spicata) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesSpearmint (Mentha Spicata) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesTreatment
    mind is tired and in need of stimulation and upliftment, spearmint oil is the one for you, and although it has very many properties in common to that of peppermint oil, it contains only small amountsRead more
  3. Remédio caseiro para pêlos indesejáveisTreatment
    . Referencia Bibliográfica AKDOGAN M; TAMER MN; CURE MC; KOROGLU BK; DELIBAS N. Effects of spearmint (mentha spicata labiatae) teas on androgen leveles in womwn with hirsutism. Acesso em Nov. 2011.Read more
  4. DIY Natural Breath FreshenersArticle
    1) Chew fresh Parsley to sweeten the breath. 2) Chew Fennel seeds to freshen the breath. 3) Chew Anise seeds to freshen the breath. 4) Chew a few Peppermint or Spearmint leaves or drink a cupRead more
  5. Herbal Blood Pressure CapsulesTreatment
    Mix together in the blender or food processor 1 tablespoon of each of the following dried herbs: * Stinging Nettle * Spearmint * Elder Flowers * Powdered Valerian Root * LobeliaRead more
  6. photo This Is How To Get Rid of Bloated Belly In Just 60 Seconds With This Incredible Belly-Fat Burning Recipe!This Is How To Get Rid of Bloated Belly In Just 60 Seconds With This Incredible Belly-Fat Burning Recipe!Recipe
    water. But still, eight glasses of water a day is considered as proper and generic rule. All key ingredients: cucumber, ginger, spearmint and lemon are 100% natural, which ensures that your healthRead more
  7. photo Vegan Mojito CupcakesVegan Mojito CupcakesRecipe
    for summertime soirees and an awesome way to introduce your friends to vegan. You can’t deny this goodness! Yields: 12 scrumptious cups of cake Ingredients: For the Cake: 1 cup soy milk 2 tsp fresh spearmintRead more
  8. photo Water Recipe That Can Flush Away Belly FatWater Recipe That Can Flush Away Belly FatRecipe
    can play a huge role in your fat loss diet! Enjoy! Ingredients: 2 liters water 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger 1 medium cucumber, sliced 1 medium lemon, sliced 12 small spearmint leavesRead more 100.011 votos
  9. photo Mint Air Freshener RecipeMint Air Freshener RecipeRecipe
    * 5 d. Peppermint oil * 5 d. Spearmint oil * 2 d. peru balsam oil * in 4 oz. of water. Combine in spray bottle; mist as needed. Get your herbs and oils at a place you can trust! StarwestRead more
  10. Children’s Calming TeaArticle
    * 1/2 part oatstraw * 1/2 part Comfrey leaf * 1/2 part catnip * 1/2 part passion flower * 1 part licorice * 1 part slippery elm * 1 part rose petals * 2 parts chamomile * 2 parts SpearmintRead more

photo Spearmint


Spearmint or spear mint (Mentha spicata) is a species of mint native to much of Europe and Asia (Middle East, Himalayas, China etc.), and naturalized in parts of northern and western Africa, North and South America, as well as various oceanic islands.It is a herbaceous, rhizomatous, perennial plant growing 30–100 cm tall, with variably hairless to hairy stems and foliage, and a wide-spreading...More