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  1. photo 7 Unusual Vegetables to Try This Fall7 Unusual Vegetables to Try This FallArticle
    thing about Jerusalem artichokes is their versatility as an edible – you can enjoy them raw grated into salads, baked like potatoes, boiled or steamed and even pickled! 4. Shiso These Asian leavesRead more
  2. Aula da Mari Hirata na escola Wilma KövesiRecipe
    . Gohan refrescante, com ovas de salmão, gengibre, shiso, umeboshi, vinagre, açúcar. Para comer morno ou frio. Arroz e feijão do japonês: o chifon cake foi feito com farinha de arrozRead more 100.011 votos
  3. photo Cool Cukes: How to Grow Cucumbers for 7 Refreshing Summer RecipesCool Cukes: How to Grow Cucumbers for 7 Refreshing Summer RecipesRecipe
    – This recipe is the ideal summer lunch dish that will cool you off and calm you down on a hot afternoon. Serve it with pumpkin seed crackers and fresh lemonade. 3. Quick Cucumber and Shiso Pickles – We loveRead more

photo Shiso


Herbs and Spices

Shiso (/ˈʃiːsoʊ/, Japanese: 紫蘇 or シソ, [ɕiso̞]) is the now common name[citation needed] for the Asian culinary herb, seed (spice), or entire annual plant of Perilla frutescens variety crispa, belonging to the mint family.The conventional translation "beefsteak plant" is outdated and has fallen into disuse in current media, though it has not passed into complete obsolescence. The genus name...More