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  1. photo Astronaut research points to the anti-aging properties of magnesiumAstronaut research points to the anti-aging properties of magnesiumNews
    and ISS laboratories have observed evidence that cellular senescence is linked with stress-induced changes in blood pressure. This potentially circumvents the relaxation response by causing the stressRead more
  2. photo Seven ways to rid the body of cancerSeven ways to rid the body of cancerNews
    can prevent tumor development, that is, the cells are put in a state of permanent dormancy, or senescence.And as the Rocken group discovered, the senescence program works on human beings as wellRead more
  3. photo Artificial Sweetener ResearchArtificial Sweetener ResearchTreatment
    for the worse.The findings of this first of its kind experiment determined that,“long-term consumption of AS (artificial sweeteners) might accelerateatherosclerosis” and biological aging (senescence) of cells foundRead more
  4. photo World's longest living rats have 'extraordinary' resistance to cancerWorld's longest living rats have 'extraordinary' resistance to cancerNews
    have developed. At the same time, when researchers suppressed the ARF gene in mole-rat cells during the process of reprogramming them into iPSCs, these same cells showed signs of cellular senescenceRead more
    Vaccines. 2011 Nov;10(11):1529-37. 96. Levin MJ. Immune senescence and vaccines to prevent herpes zoster in older persons. Curr Opin Immunol. 2012 Aug;24(4):494-500. 97. Gershon AA, Gershon MD, Breuer JRead more

photo Senescence



Senescence (/sɪˈnɛsəns/) (from Latin: senescere, meaning "to grow old", from senex) or biological aging (also spelled biological ageing) is the gradual deterioration of function characteristic of most complex lifeforms, arguably found in all biological kingdoms, that on the level of the organism increases mortality after maturation. The word "senescence" can refer either to cellular senescence...More