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  1. photo The Best Fried Kohlrabi Recipe with Garlic and ParsleyThe Best Fried Kohlrabi Recipe with Garlic and ParsleyRecipe
    of this  mild vegetable are flash fried in safflower oil, drained and tossed with a pre-made garlic parsley mash for a decadent side dish. If you’re cooking for a large group you can fry the spears hours beforeRead more
  2. photo Summer Skin Moisturizer RecipeSummer Skin Moisturizer RecipeRecipe
    or Safflower, or an organic, unscented base cream 1.5 oz. Get your dried, organic herbs, organic essential oils, bulk spices, loose leaf organic teas and aromatherapy supplies at the place where we shopRead more
  3. photo DIY Treatment for Dry EndsDIY Treatment for Dry EndsTreatment
    8 ounces safflower or vegetable oil 2 ounces beeswax 22 ounces distilled water 1/2 ounce Triethanolamine Mix safflower oil, beeswax and stearic acid. Heat to boiling. At the same timeRead more
  4. photo Curried Beet and Kale Soup RecipeCurried Beet and Kale Soup RecipeRecipe
    Ingredients 3 medium organic beets1 large or 2 medium organic potatoes1 tablespoon organic safflower or sunflower seed oil¼ cup organic onion, chopped2 garlic cloves, chopped2-3 cups water1 tablespoon organicRead more
  5. photo 6 Ways to Eat Yourself to Beautiful Skin6 Ways to Eat Yourself to Beautiful SkinArticle
    for the carrot sticks when you’ve got a breakout coming on. Safflower Oil Safflower oil contains high levels of omega-6 fatty acids, which are nature’s moisturizers. They help keep cell walls supple, which allowsRead more
  6. photo Vegan Banana Bread Recipe with ApricotsVegan Banana Bread Recipe with ApricotsRecipe
    baking soda 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup almond, rice, or soy milk 1/4 cup safflower oil 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 very ripe medium bananas (they should have brown spots), mashedRead more
  7. photo Unsaturated Fat Overload: Can You Eat Too Many Good Fats?Unsaturated Fat Overload: Can You Eat Too Many Good Fats?Article
    fats or unsaturated sources like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fat sources include nuts, vegetable oils, canola oil, olive oil, high oleic safflower oil, sunflower oilRead more
  8. photo Substitute Healthy Fats for Refined OilsSubstitute Healthy Fats for Refined OilsArticle
    the jar. Another good oil for frying is safflower oil or a mixture of safflower and olive oil. Finally, organic butter from grass fed cows is better than margarine, which is basically shorteningRead more
  9. photo Pink Dinner Roll Recipe with Organic BeetsPink Dinner Roll Recipe with Organic BeetsRecipe
    chopped 2 tablespoons organic safflower oil Method Dissolve yeast in lukewarm water and let stand for 5-10 minutes. Add about 1 cup whole wheat flour and salt to yeast and water mixture, and then addRead more
  10. Sensational Massage OilArticle
    Ingredients: * 10 teaspoons Safflower oil * 5 drops of Lavender essential/fragrance oil * 2 drops Violet essential/fragrance oil * 2 drops Chamomile essential/fragrance oil * 2 dropRead more

photo Safflower


Herbs and Spices

Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) is a highly branched, herbaceous, thistle-like annual plant. It is commercially cultivated for vegetable oil extracted from the seeds. Plants are 30 to 150 cm (12 to 59 in) tall with globular flower heads having yellow, orange, or red flowers. Each branch will usually have from one to five flower heads containing 15 to 20 seeds per head. Safflower is native...More