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  1. Découvrir le rutabagaTreatment
    Lorsqu'on a un jardin potager, il est bon de planter du rutabaga. Ce légume est vraiment à découvrir. C'est une plante très rustique qui ne nécessite aucun traitement particulier. On consommeRead more
  2. photo One of the Easiest <b>Rutabaga</b> Recipes Ever: Roasted <b>Rutabaga</b> with Garlic and ThymeOne of the Easiest Rutabaga Recipes Ever: Roasted Rutabaga with Garlic and ThymeRecipe
    If you’re tired of boring roasted potatoes, switch things up with one of the easiest rutabaga recipes out there, all you need is olive oil, salt, garlic, thyme and a mixture of your favoriteRead more
  3. photo <b>Rutabaga</b>: With A Name Like That, It Has to Be GoodRutabaga: With A Name Like That, It Has to Be GoodArticle
    I don’t know about you, but I knew the word rutabaga long before I knew what, precisely, a rutabaga was! Rutabaga is fun to say, even if it is one of those vegetables, like turnips and BrusselsRead more
  4. photo Give that Purple Tuber a Try: 8 Rustic <b>Rutabagas</b> RecipesGive that Purple Tuber a Try: 8 Rustic Rutabagas RecipesArticle
    , a rutabaga can be used much like the more common stable tubers like carrots and potatoes. And diversifying the vegetables you eat regularly can have big nutritional benefits. Try rutabaga gratin, mashedRead more
  5. photo Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Forgotten Root Vegetable RecipesMeatless Monday Roundup: 4 Forgotten Root Vegetable RecipesArticle
    certain members of this group “forgotten vegetables” has begun; forgotten vegetables or légumes oubliés include turnips, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes and rutabaga. Here are some of our favorite waysRead more
  6. photo Top 11 Detox FoodsTop 11 Detox FoodsArticle
    parasites. Rutabaga Liver is the organ that cleans the body of all harmful substances and rutabaga is grocery that clean your liver. When you are consuming rutabaga you are doing your liver a bigRead more
  7. photo Grilled Carrots with Honey and DillGrilled Carrots with Honey and DillRecipe
    are also complimented in taste by honey, like beets, fennel, parsley root, and rutabaga. Reprinted with permission from “Summer Food.” Photography by Jim Hensley & Nina Dreyer Hensley. Copyright 2014Read more
  8. photo How to Prevent The Occurrence of Kidney StonesHow to Prevent The Occurrence of Kidney StonesTreatment
    being collected as sludge. Doctors also recommend people with kidney stones to consume a smaller amount of red meat and foods high in oxalate. Oxalate is a substance found in nuts, rutabaga, chocolateRead more
  9. photo 8 Delicious Ways to Cook Root Vegetables (Besides Roasting)8 Delicious Ways to Cook Root Vegetables (Besides Roasting)Article
    vegetables is to make fries out of them because everything tastes awesome fried! Basically, pick your root vegetable of choice–kohlrabi, parsnips, and rutabaga make great fries– and fry them in coconut oilRead more
  10. photo 9 Healthy Winter Recipes with Root Vegetables9 Healthy Winter Recipes with Root VegetablesRecipe
    vegetables of choice and top with the maple syrup, lemon juice and tamari dressing and you’ll be saying hello to your new favorite salad. 8. Roasted Rutabaga with Garlic and Thyme Easy, simpleRead more

photo Rutabaga



The rutabaga, swede (from Swedish turnip), turnip, yellow turnip, or neep (Brassica napobrassica, or Brassica napus var. napobrassica, or Brassica napus subsp. rapifera) is a root vegetable that may have originated as a cross between the cabbage and the turnip.[citation needed] (See Triangle of U.) The roots are prepared for human food in a variety of ways, and the leaves can be eaten as a leaf...More