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"Rheumatoid factor"

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  1. photo Vitamin D deficiency linked to <b>rheumatoid</b> arthritisVitamin D deficiency linked to rheumatoid arthritisNews
    A growing body of research suggests that not only may vitamin D deficiency be a risk factor for rheumatoid arthritis, it may also make rheumatoid arthritis patients significantly more susceptibleRead more
  2. photo Strong link found between <b>rheumatoid</b> arthritis and vitamin D deficiency: StudyStrong link found between rheumatoid arthritis and vitamin D deficiency: StudyNews
    . These results remain statistically significant even after adjusting for other potential rheumatoid arthritis risk factors, such as smoking and calcium intake.Get more sunlightAlthough certain foods are enrichedRead more
  3. photo Rose hips can ease your <b>rheumatoid</b> arthritis: ResearchRose hips can ease your rheumatoid arthritis: ResearchNews
    Clinical research has shown that rose hip powder can significantly reduce the severity of symptoms in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.An estimated 1.5 million adults in the United States sufferRead more
  4. photo Frequent exposure to sunshine lowers <b>rheumatoid</b> arthritis riskFrequent exposure to sunshine lowers rheumatoid arthritis riskNews
    of the Rheumatic Diseases journal, however, we have yet another reason to love the sun: Older women who enjoy frequent exposure to sunlight throughout their lives are less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritisRead more
  5. photo Arthritis: Get Your Life BackArthritis: Get Your Life BackArticle
    , and skin. Not to mention dramatically impair your quality of life. Some of the types of arthritis which are associated with inflammation include: rheumatoid arthritis gout tendonitis bursitisRead more
  6. photo Endometriose – a principal causa de infertilidade feminina! Como tratá-la?Endometriose – a principal causa de infertilidade feminina! Como tratá-la?Treatment
    growth factor expression in a cell model of neutrophil activation. Endocrinology. 2006 Mar;147(3):1264–70. 11. Foyouzi N, Berkkanoglu M, et al. Effects of oxidants and antioxidants on proliferation ofRead more
  7. photo Juvenile Arthritis: What it Is and Treatments AvailableJuvenile Arthritis: What it Is and Treatments AvailableTreatment
    . Those who are over the age of 10 may also be positive for rheumatoid factor and can suffer a more severe form of the disease. Of the three forms of juvenile arthritis was the last one affects the leastRead more
  8. photo 5 proven ways to prevent and treat arthritis5 proven ways to prevent and treat arthritisNews
    balanced it keeps energy flowing smoothly and immunity strong, which is a major factor in managing rheumatoid arthritis effectively.Other natural remedies to prevent and treat arthritis include bromelainRead more
  9. photo Eight common diseases linked to vitamin D deficiencyEight common diseases linked to vitamin D deficiencyNews
    D, and particularly a lack thereof, as a major factor in its prevalence. Especially in children, vitamin D has been shown to help reduce the severity and prevalence of asthma symptoms, and may helpRead more
  10. photo Arthritis, Gossip and Vitamin D NewsArthritis, Gossip and Vitamin D NewsTreatment
    . (1,2,3) The most common method of managing the discomfort and disabilityassociated with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis is the use ofpain-relieving medication. However these conventional drugs carryRead more

Rheumatoid factor


Rheumatoid factor (RF) is the autoantibody (antibody directed against an organism's own tissues) that was first found in rheumatoid arthritis. It is defined as an antibody against the Fc portion of IgG (an antibody against an antibody). RF and IgG join to form immune complexes that contribute to the disease process.Rheumatoid factor can also be a cryoglobulin (antibody that precipitates on...More