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"Respiratory acidosis"

  1. photo Metabolic <b>acidosis</b> causes cancer, diabetes and premature deathMetabolic acidosis causes cancer, diabetes and premature deathNews
    Cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, osteoporosis plus many other degenerative diseases are caused by 'metabolic acidosis.' Is your body pH slightly alkaline? If not, this is a serious healthRead more
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    with sulfuric acid. AS stresses the immune system by causing acidosis. AS is toxic to the liver and respiratory system. 6. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – when injected becomes a neurotoxin, causing CNSRead more
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    , which is poisonous. This can lead to respiratory failure and may even be fatal. Science and Research Apricot Kernel Oil Ameliorates Cyclophosphamide-Associated Immunosuppression in RatsRead more

photo Respiratory acidosis

Respiratory acidosis


Respiratory acidosis is a medical emergency in which decreased ventilation (hypoventilation) causes increased blood carbon dioxide concentration and decreased pH (a condition generally called acidosis).Carbon dioxide is produced continuously as the body's cells respire, and this CO2 will accumulate rapidly if the lungs do not adequately expel it through alveolar ventilation. Alveolar...More