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  1. Lichia no péRecipe
    dela localmente. Todos saem ganhando. As Sapindáceas A lichia (Litchi chinensis),o rambutão (Nephelium lappaceum), a longana ou olho de dragão (Dimocarpus longan), o pulasan (Nephelium mutabileRead more
  2. photo Frutas exóticas que auxiliam a perder pesoFrutas exóticas que auxiliam a perder pesoTreatment
    são a uvaia, a pulasan, o cupuaçu, o ananás, a romã, a pitanga, a ameixa seca e o mirtilo (blueberry).Read more

photo Pulasan



The pulasan, Nephelium mutabile Blume (family Sapindaceae), is a tropical fruit closely allied to the rambutan and sometimes confused with it. It has various common names, including pulasan in English, Spanish and Malay, kapulasan in Indonesia, ngoh-khonsan in Thailand, and bulala in the Philippines.Usually eaten fresh, it is sweeter than the rambutan and lychee, but very rare outside Southeast...More