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  1. Remedios para los cólicos nefríticosTreatment
    como microcristales, coágulos sanguíneos, acodaduras o bridas ureterales, ptosis renal entre otros.   Remedios populares Remedio para el cólico nefrítico o de riñón #1: Realizar un baño de tina con aguaRead more
  2. photo Herbs for Allergies, Heart Health and Chronic FatigueHerbs for Allergies, Heart Health and Chronic FatigueTreatment
    degree of “anxiety-like behavior” and “somatic signs” (body tremors, chewing, head shaking, jumping and ptosis/eyelid drooping). The authors of the experiment remarked that, “our data encourages additionalRead more



Ptosis (from the Greek word πτῶσις "falling", "a fall") refers to droopiness of a body part. Specifically, it can refer to:More