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  1. photo <b>Prunes</b>PrunesArticle
    Contents: Season for Prunes Prunes Described How to Buy and Store Prunes How to Cook Prunes Health Benefits of Prunes Why Buy Natural and Organic Prunes Season for Prunes AvailableRead more
  2. photo <b>Prunes</b>: Not Just for Grandma AnymorePrunes: Not Just for Grandma AnymoreArticle
    Let’s face it: the last time you bought prunes or prune juice may have been when you needed to get yourself or your baby a bit more… *ahem*… regular. While there’s no doubting that prunesRead more
  3. photo Les <b>prunes</b> séchées réduisent le risque de cancer du côlonLes prunes séchées réduisent le risque de cancer du côlonTreatment
    Des chercheurs américains ont récemment présenté une étude démontrant l’utilité de la prune séchée pour notre santé. Elle réduirait le risque de cancer du côlon en favorisant le maintien d’uneRead more
  4. photo A Beginner’s Guide to <b>Pruning</b> Fruit TreesA Beginner’s Guide to Pruning Fruit TreesArticle
    , turn it into a masterpiece of white blossoms in the Spring, and increase the longevity of the tree? Learn how to prune it, as right now is prime time to do it!   The main point of pruning is to keepRead more
  5. photo Chicken Tagine Recipe with Apricots and <b>Prunes</b>Chicken Tagine Recipe with Apricots and PrunesRecipe
    )½ cup pitted prunes 1 teaspoon saltground pepper½ cup chicken or vegetable broth, preferably homemade *If you prefer to use some white meat, have the butcher cut breasts in half to have smaller piecesRead more
  6. photo Meatless Monday Roundup: 5 <b>Prune</b> RecipesMeatless Monday Roundup: 5 Prune RecipesArticle
    Image: Julie Gibbons Prunes may not be the coolest food. Long associated with digestive troubles, prunes have recently been rebranded as “dried plums” to make them more appealingRead more
  7. photo In the (Freezing) Garden: Winter <b>Pruning</b> Shrubs and BushesIn the (Freezing) Garden: Winter Pruning Shrubs and BushesArticle
    Winter is the perfect time of year to begin pruning the shrubs and berry bushes in your yard or garden. Since the plants are mostly dormant or slowly coming back to life with new budsRead more
  8. Fruits rôtisRecipe
    Pour 4 personnes Ingrédients : -huit abricots -une pomme -huit prunes -un peu de sucre -20 grammes de beurre Préparation : Faire chauffer le beurre et le sucreRead more
  9. Allaitement : des aliments à consommer avec modérationTreatment
    Pas vraiment d'interdits alimentaires, mais plutôt des aliments à consommer avec modération : c'est le cas des agrumes, des crudités, du choux, des épinards, des haricots secs et des prunesRead more
  10. Fabriquer des fruits décoratifsArticle
    Pour vos décorations de noël, préparez cette corbeille de raisons pailletés: avec des boules de cotillon blanches, un peu de peinture prune ou rouge orangée, et des paillettes en poudreRead more

photo Prune belly syndrome

Prune belly syndrome


Prune belly syndrome, also referred to as abdominal muscle deficiency syndrome, congenital absence of the abdominal muscles, Eagle-Barrett syndrome, Obrinsky syndrome, Fröhlich syndrome, or, rarely, triad syndrome, is a rare, genetic birth defect affecting about 1 in 40,000 births. About 97% of those affected are male. Prune belly syndrome is a congenital disorder of the urinary system,...More

photo Prune


A prune is any of various plum cultivars, mostly Prunus domestica or European Plum, sold as fresh or dried fruit. The dried fruit is also referred to as a dried plum. In general, dried prunes are freestone cultivars (the pit is easy to remove), whereas most other plums grown for fresh consumption are clingstone (the pit is more difficult to remove).More than 1,000 cultivars of plums are grown...More