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  1. photo Remedios naturales para tratar la <b>prostatitis</b>Remedios naturales para tratar la prostatitisTreatment
    La prostatitis o agrandamiento de la próstata se produce por una inflamación de ésta y afecta a millones de hombres en todo el mundo, y aunque afecta a hombres de edades diferentes, el riesgoRead more
  2. photo Remedio Casero Natural para la <b>Prostatitis</b>Remedio Casero Natural para la ProstatitisTreatment
    La próstata inflamada o prostatitis es la irritación o inflamación de la glándula prostática. La prostatitis puede confundirse con facilidad con otras infecciones del tracto urinarioRead more
  3. photo Superfoods for a Healthy <b>Prostate</b>Superfoods for a Healthy ProstateTreatment
    The prostate gland has a reputation as a health destroyer. Hypertrophy of the prostate gland, which affects nearly every elderly male, strangles the urethra. This troublesome conditionRead more
  4. photo Best Foods For <b>Prostate</b> HealthBest Foods For Prostate HealthTreatment
    Rich and natural food is not only an excellent support for the overall health, but also for the prostate health. Certain nutrients have the potential to prevent and treat health problemsRead more
  5. photo This Is The Best Natural <b>Prostate</b> Medicine!This Is The Best Natural Prostate Medicine!Treatment
    One of the greatest health problems which many men face all around the world are problems with the prostate. They can behave different, have different strength and form. Almost every man olderRead more
  6. photo Organic Living and <b>Prostate</b> HealthOrganic Living and Prostate HealthArticle
    BPH Versus Prostate Cancer First, a few basics: The prostate is a gland found beneath the bladder. It surrounds the urethra, the tube the bladder uses to pass urine, and it also produces most semenRead more
  7. photo <b>Prostate</b> health and zincProstate health and zincNews
    . The prostate gland, an organ found only in men, is the body's version of the seemingly infinitesimal glaring at the whole of the universal body. Despite its size (and much like mankind) it has a prevalent sayRead more
  8. photo Walnuts and <b>Prostate</b> CancerWalnuts and Prostate CancerTreatment
    to older men, prostate cancer tops the list. Fortunately, there is a growing body of evidence that certain dietary and lifestyle choices can minimize the risk of prostatic malignancies. A new studyRead more
  9. photo The <b>Prostate</b> Cancer DietThe Prostate Cancer DietTreatment
    Prostate cancer (PC) is a significant health threat for every aging man. Approximately 90% of all prostate cancer cases are diagnosed after the age of 55. Since average life expectancy is risingRead more
  10. photo Beating <b>Prostate</b> Cancer NaturallyBeating Prostate Cancer NaturallyTreatment
    Prostate cancer (PC) is the leading form of cancer among men. It is estimated that nearly 30,000 men will die from this dreaded condition this year alone. That’s the problem. The solution mayRead more

photo Prostatitis



Prostatitis is any form of inflammation of the prostate gland. Because women do not have a prostate gland, it is a condition only found in men, although women do have microscopic paraurethral Skene's glands connected to the distal third of the urethra in the prevaginal space that are homologous to the prostate, and may cause symptoms.A prostatitis diagnosis is assigned at 8% of all urologist...More