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"Pouteria sapota"

  1. photo Beneficios, Nutrientes Y Propiedades Del ZapoteBeneficios, Nutrientes Y Propiedades Del ZapoteTreatment
    . Las propiedades del zapote hacen que se considere una fruta destacable desde el punto de vista nutricional. Responde al nombre científico de Pouteria Sapota y náhuatl es el origen del nombre común zapoteRead more

photo Pouteria sapota

Pouteria sapota

Pouteria sapota, mamey sapote, is a species of tree native to Central America, naturally ranging from southern Mexico to southern Costa Rica. Today, the tree is cultivated not only in Mexico, but also in Central America, the Caribbean, and South Florida for its fruit, which is commonly eaten in many Latin American countries. It has different names depending on the country: mamey, zapote...More