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  1. photo Low iron in your blood may increase stroke riskLow iron in your blood may increase stroke riskNews
    further examination, the team found that iron deficiency can increase the stickiness of platelets, or small blood cell fragments that aid in clotting. This phenomenon causes the platelets to stick togetherRead more
  2. Natural Leg Cramp ReliefTreatment
    -threatening blood-related reactions, including serious bleeding due to severe lowering of blood cells (platelets) and a condition known as hemolytic-uremic syndrome/thrombocytopenic purpura which, in some casesRead more
  3. photo 5 Superfoods to Eat During Chemo5 Superfoods to Eat During ChemoArticle
    a balanced diet. But with side effects like severe nausea and platelet breakdown, getting the right nutrients into your system can be difficult. These five foods can help ease your symptoms and rebuild yourRead more
  4. photo Italian court rules mercury and aluminum in vaccines cause autism: US media continues total blackout of medical truthItalian court rules mercury and aluminum in vaccines cause autism: US media continues total blackout of medical truthNews
    are:• Anemia hemolytic autoimmune disease (premature destruction of red blood cells)• Thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count)• Thrombocytopenia purpura (blood clots in small blood vesselsRead more
  5. photo Reduce your heart disease risk with kiwi: ResearchReduce your heart disease risk with kiwi: ResearchNews
    and published in 2004. In this study, researchers found that people who ate two to three kiwifruits per day lowered their triglyceride levels by 15 percent and their platelet aggregation levels by 18 percentRead more
  6. photo Prevent Bruising NaturallyPrevent Bruising NaturallyTreatment
    or lesions are easily recognizable. In many instances, physicians aren’t terribly concerned about senile purpura provided that potentially serious causes such as medication side effects and plateletRead more
  7. photo Guava Leaves Can Extremely 100% Stop Your Hair loss and Make It Grow Like CrazyGuava Leaves Can Extremely 100% Stop Your Hair loss and Make It Grow Like CrazyTreatment
    and are also considered to be extremely useful in increasing platelets in patients suffering from Dengue fever. Experts claim that the regular use of guava leaves can prevent and successfully treat hair lossRead more
  8. photo Is Coffee Heart Healthy?Is Coffee Heart Healthy?Treatment
    in coffee were present in the platelets (a component of blood that affects circulation and clotting) of the coffee drinking participants. They also determined that coffee decreased “platelet aggregationRead more
  9. photo Kiwi Fruit and Heart DiseaseKiwi Fruit and Heart DiseaseTreatment
    of kiwis could also help to improve other measures of cardiovascular health. Specifically, 2-3 kiwis a day lowered triglyceride levels by 15% and reduced platelet aggregation by 18%. Platelet aggregationRead more
  10. photo Tomatoes and DiabetesTomatoes and DiabetesTreatment
    Tomato Juice Consumption Reduces Platelet Clumping in Diabetics Source: JAMA. 2004;292(7):805-806. (link) Another important risk factor in diabetes mellitus is an increased risk of abnormal bloodRead more

photo Platelet



Platelets, also called "thrombocytes", are blood cells whose function (along with the coagulation factors) is to stop bleeding. Platelets have no nucleus: they are fragments of cytoplasm which are derived from the megakaryocytes of the bone marrow, and then enter the circulation. These unactivated platelets are biconvex discoid structures shaped like a lens, 2–3 µm in greatest diameter....More