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  1. photo <b>Pistachio</b> Recall ContinuesPistachio Recall ContinuesArticle
    The FDA and California Department of Public Health are continuing their investigation of salmonella-contaminated pistachios and pistachio products sold by Setton Farms in Terra Bella, Calif. SinceRead more
  2. photo The Health Benefits of <b>Pistachios</b>The Health Benefits of PistachiosTreatment
    Are you eating pistachios on a regular basis? If not, then you might want to consider doing so. The health benefits and nutritional value of pistachios is astounding. So to liveRead more
  3. photo <b>Pistachio</b> Recall WidensPistachio Recall WidensArticle
    Companies ranging from Whole Foods Market to Planters have been forced to recall pistachio products after Terra Bella, Calif.-based Setton Farms shipped nuts potentially contaminated with salmonellaRead more
  4. photo <b>Pistachio</b> Pancakes with CardamomPistachio Pancakes with CardamomRecipe
    Cardamom 1/4 tsp Ginger (Dried) 1/4 tsp Nutmeg 1/2 c Pistachio 1tbsp Raw Sugar 2pinch Salt (MineralRead more
  5. photo Recall Alert: <b>Pistachios</b> Contaminated With SalmonellaRecall Alert: Pistachios Contaminated With SalmonellaArticle
    The FDA and California Department of Public Health are investigating salmonella contamination in pistachio products sold by Setton Farms, based in Terra Bella, Calif. The company produces regularRead more
  6. photo <b>Pistachio</b> Growers Launch PR CampaignPistachio Growers Launch PR CampaignArticle
    The Western Pistachio Association (WPA), a Fresno, Calif.-based trade group that represents growers in California, Arizona and New Mexico, is trying to restore its product’s good name. UponRead more
  7. photo <b>Pistachio</b> Crusted Wild Salmon RecipePistachio Crusted Wild Salmon RecipeTreatment
    , antioxidant and cognitive enhancing effects of this algae-derived carotenoid. (6,7,8) Healthy Fellow Pistachio Crusted Salmon 1 lb of wild salmon w/skin 2 oz pistachio flour/meal 1 organic lemon (juiceRead more
  8. photo 8 Reasons Why We Love <b>Pistachios</b>8 Reasons Why We Love PistachiosArticle
    Pistachios sprinkled over cupcakes or pistachio-flavored ice cream may make this nut the trendy dessert ingredient of the moment, but the little, colorful and uniquely tasty pistachio has a largerRead more
  9. photo <b>Pistachios</b> – 8 Healthy Reasons to Start Eating ThemPistachios – 8 Healthy Reasons to Start Eating ThemTreatment
    Most people like pistachios for their taste, as they are an absolute favorite when it comes to picking snacks for late movie nights. Pistachios go well with cold beer, so you may wantRead more
  10. photo <b>Pistachios</b> – Small Nuts With Powerful Health BenefitsPistachios – Small Nuts With Powerful Health BenefitsTreatment
    Botanically, pistachios are part of the Anacardiaceae family. They are not only delicious, but these nuts provide a real treasure of health benefits. Here is why you should includeRead more

photo Pistachio


Fruit / Seed

The pistachio, (/pɪˈstæʃiˌoʊ/, -/stɑːʃiˌoʊ/, Persian: پسته‎; Pistacia vera) a member of the cashew family, is a small tree originating from Central Asia and the Middle East. Pistachio trees can be found in regions of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Xinjiang (China), Tunisia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, India, Egypt, Italy (Sicily), Uzbekistan, Afghanistan (especially in the...More