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  1. photo <b>Pineapple</b> Fruit SaladPineapple Fruit SaladArticle
    walnuts 100 g /3.75 ounces kiwi 400 g /15 ounces grapes 100 g /3.75 ounces banana 1 pineapple 100 g /3.75 ounces strawberries Preparation : Preparation time: 30 minutes Remove the core of eachRead more
  2. photo Green Smoothie With <b>Pineapple</b>Green Smoothie With PineappleRecipe
    Amazing Gluten free recipe ! This is a very tasty smoothie that replaces a huge meal or you can just split it in several portions. Ingredients:   1 small pineapple a bundleRead more
  3. photo <b>Pineapple</b> – Fruit With Amazing Health BenefitsPineapple – Fruit With Amazing Health BenefitsTreatment
    Pineapple is known as king of fruits, fruit which in the past was only available to natives of the tropics and the rich Europeans. This tropical plant originated from Uruguay, BrazilRead more
  4. photo Spinach Salad with <b>Pineapple</b> Chile VinaigretteSpinach Salad with Pineapple Chile VinaigretteArticle
    . Spinach Salad with Pineapple Chile Vinaigrette Serves 4 4 large slices watermelon, cut into triangles (16 pieces) 6 cups spinach leaves 1 large orange, peeled and sliced into 8 thin rounds 1/2 freshRead more
  5. photo Sweet Potato, <b>Pineapple</b> and Cheddar SaladSweet Potato, Pineapple and Cheddar SaladArticle
    1 cup pudding, frozen yogurt or ice cream (made from milk) Our weekend recipe combines the classic flavors of sweet potato, chicken and pineapple, accented with reduced-fat Cheddar and ParmesanRead more
  6. photo Meatless Monday Roundup: 5 <b>Pineapple</b> RecipesMeatless Monday Roundup: 5 Pineapple RecipesArticle
    Pineapple is a delicious, exotic treat; most organic pineapple in the States comes from Hawaii, though pineapple is also grown in Southeast Asia and Côte d’Ivoire. Pineapple can be bought cannedRead more
  7. photo Grilled Baby <b>Pineapples</b> With Honey Chardonnay GlazeGrilled Baby Pineapples With Honey Chardonnay GlazeArticle
    In South Africa, a barbecue is called a “brai,” and baby pineapples are often the star of the show. South African cuisine encompasses a fusion of cultures—native African, Dutch/German/FrenchRead more
  8. photo How to Grow A <b>Pineapple</b> From Another One – Easily!How to Grow A Pineapple From Another One – Easily!Article
    , there are a few things you should know. In this article we give you some handy tricks on how to grow your own pineapple plant. With proper care, this plant shall grow in an amazing pineapple tree and giveRead more
  9. photo Cinnamon <b>Pineapple</b> Smoothie to Strengthen Knee Ligaments And TendonsCinnamon Pineapple Smoothie to Strengthen Knee Ligaments And TendonsArticle
    ) of cinnamon Two cups of pineapple chunks (sliced) 1 cup of instant oatmeal 1 cup of raw natural orange juice 1,5 Oz (40 gr) of crushed almonds 1,5 Oz (40 gr) of raw honey Method of preparation: CookRead more
  10. photo Lemon and <b>Pineapple</b> Shift the Body’s pH in Your FavorLemon and Pineapple Shift the Body’s pH in Your FavorTreatment
    balance, try to consume pineapple and lemon juice. These juices can be very helpful when trying to achieve the perfect pH balance. If you want to notice the difference you need to consume lemonRead more

photo Pineapple



The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant with edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries, and the most economically significant plant in the Bromeliaceae family. Pineapples may be cultivated from a crown cutting of the fruit, possibly flowering in 20–24 months and fruiting in the following six months. Pineapple does not ripen significantly post-harvest.Pineapples can be...More