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"Pediculosis pubis"

  1. Remedios para los piojos (pediculosis)Treatment
    o inflamación de las glándulas del cuello Es importante observar que existen diferentes tipos de piojos como los siguientes: Piojos de la cabeza. Este tipo de infestación está producido por PediculosisRead more

photo Pediculosis pubis

Pediculosis pubis


Pediculosis pubis (also known as "crabs" and "pubic lice") is a disease caused by the pubic louse, Pthirus pubis, a parasitic insect notorious for infesting human pubic hair. The species may also live on other areas with hair, including the eyelashes, causing pediculosis ciliaris. Infestation usually leads to intense itching in the pubic area. Treatment with topic agents such as permethrin or...More