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"Pediculosis corporis"

  1. Remedios para los piojos (pediculosis)Treatment
    . Los piojos de la cabeza no transmiten el tifus ni otras enfermedades sistémicas. Piojos del cuerpo Las infestaciones por piojos del cuerpo se deben a Pediculosis humanus corporis, un insecto similarRead more

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Pediculosis corporis


Pediculosis corporis (also known as "Pediculosis vestimenti" and "Vagabond's disease") is a cutaneous condition caused by body lice (specifically Pediculus corporis) that lay their eggs in the seams of clothing.:447Body lice are a nuisance in themselves and cause intense itching. They are also vectors (transmitters) of other diseases and can spread epidemic typhus, trench fever, and louse-borne...More