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  1. photo Early Symptoms of <b>Parkinson’s</b> DiseaseEarly Symptoms of Parkinson’s DiseaseTreatment
    Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition caused by the decreased production of dopamine when the area of the brain which produces a neurotransmitter is substantively damagedRead more
  2. photo Causes of <b>Parkinson’s</b> DiseaseCauses of Parkinson’s DiseaseTreatment
    Parkinson’s disease is a neurological degenerative disease that often develops gradually, starting with a barely noticeable tremor. But although an individual may notice the tremor firstRead more
  3. photo <b>Parkinson’s</b> Disease and StatinsParkinson’s Disease and StatinsTreatment
    There is a huge controversy among researchers and the medical field that has been ongoing for some time regarding Parkinson’s Disease, statins and low cholesterol. And, it gets veryRead more
  4. photo Depression linked with higher incidence of <b>Parkinson's</b> disease - ResearchDepression linked with higher incidence of Parkinson's disease - ResearchNews
    According to a new study published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, people who are depressed may have a significantly higher risk of developing Parkinson'sRead more
  5. photo Pesticide exposure causes <b>Parkinson's</b> disease: StudyPesticide exposure causes Parkinson's disease: StudyNews
    Fresh research on the neurological condition known as Parkinson's disease has affirmed what a number of prominent scientists have been saying for several years now: Mainly that pesticide exposureRead more
  6. photo Genes, Pesticides Linked to <b>Parkinson’s</b> Disease in MenGenes, Pesticides Linked to Parkinson’s Disease in MenArticle
    Pesticide exposure, coupled with a genetic variant in the body, appears to be associated with an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease in men, according to a study published in this month’sRead more
  7. photo <b>Parkinson's</b> Disease Risk Increases Significantly with Pesticide ExposureParkinson's Disease Risk Increases Significantly with Pesticide ExposureArticle
    , and the connection to the massive bee die-offs (known as Colony Collapse Disorder) to serious human health concerns, the latest of which shows a strong correlation with the development of Parkinson’s diseaseRead more
  8. photo Chemical found in molds may be causing <b>Parkinson's</b> diseaseChemical found in molds may be causing Parkinson's diseaseNews
    A chemical responsible for the musty smell of mold may also produce symptoms similar to those of Parkinson's disease, according to a recent study conducted by researchers from Rutgers and EmoryRead more
  9. photo Doctor: Hillary Clinton may have <b>Parkinson's</b> diseaseDoctor: Hillary Clinton may have Parkinson's diseaseNews
    A YouTube video that has recently gone viral suggests that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's disease, a progressive disorder affecting the nervous systemRead more
  10. photo Mounting Evidence Links Pesticides to <b>Parkinson's</b> DiseaseMounting Evidence Links Pesticides to Parkinson's DiseaseArticle
    Add the serious degenerative neurological condition Parkinson’s disease to the list of Monsanto-related illnesses, says a new study published in the journal Neurotoxicology & TeratologyRead more



Parkinsonism is a clinical syndrome characterized by tremor, bradykinesia, rigidity, and postural instability. Parkinsonism shares symptoms found in Parkinson's Disease, from which it is named; but parkinsonism is a symptom complex, and differs from Parkinson disease which is a progressive neurodegenerative illness. The underlying causes of parkinsonism are numerous, and diagnosis can be...More