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  1. photo Savory Sweet <b>Nori</b> Chips RecipeSavory Sweet Nori Chips RecipeTreatment
    and consider something entirely different, butequally delicious: seaweed. That’s right – seaweed. Many people are familiar with nori as the dry, bright green seaweed thatis wrapped around sushi rollsRead more
  2. photo Sunrise <b>Nori</b> Wraps Recipe with Spicy Tahini DrizzleSunrise Nori Wraps Recipe with Spicy Tahini DrizzleRecipe
    If you like California rolls, you’ll love these nori wraps (though personally, I think they’re so much better!). The tahini dressing is truly addictive—you’re going to want to dressRead more
  3. photo Natural News Labs publishes heavy metals test results for seaweeds and sea vegetables: Kelp, Kombu, Wakame, <b>Nori</b>, Dulse and moreNatural News Labs publishes heavy metals test results for seaweeds and sea vegetables: Kelp, Kombu, Wakame, Nori, Dulse and moreNews
    Continuing our mission to inform and empower consumers with heavy metals transparency for foods and superfoods,has just published heavy metals laboratory testing results for over 20 seaweed and...Read more
  4. photo ¿Cuáles son los beneficios de las algas para la salud?¿Cuáles son los beneficios de las algas para la salud?Treatment
    cantidades útiles de fibra, las cuales dependiendo de la variedad, pueden contener hasta un 8% de la cantidad diaria recomendada. Las algas Wakame y Nori contienen fitoesteroles, que ayudan a prevenirRead more
  5. photo Que tal um sushi cru, vegano e baixo em gordura?Que tal um sushi cru, vegano e baixo em gordura?Article
    não dê um jeitinho! Digamos, criatividade, cores e sabores fresquinhos! Sushi cru, vegano e baixo em gordura por Ursula Jahara Ingredientes nesses pequenos rolinhos: Alga Nori Couve FlorRead more
  6. photo Sanduiche Vivo!Sanduiche Vivo!Recipe
    bióticos), rúcula, alface e alcaparras, na folha da alga nori marinada e desidratada! Eu tinha tudo pronto na geladeira! Foi do montar e comer! Se organizando direitinho a vida com a Culinária Viva segueRead more
  7. Pizza de VegatumArticle
    Pizza vegana com cobertura de alcachofra e alga nori – substituto do atum Ingredientes Massa 1 copo de farinha integral 2 colheres de farinha de aveia 1 copo de farinha trigo branca 3 colheresRead more
  8. photo Cómo consumir algasCómo consumir algasTreatment
    ) se encuentran Nori: laver, sloke, ova marina y slake. Son ricas en proteínas del complejo A. Se pueden combinar con alimentos fritos. Nishime Kombu: carweed, tangle y wrack. Aporta potasio y yodo, a su vezRead more
  9. photo 4 Superfood Seaweed Recipes to Love for Meatless Monday4 Superfood Seaweed Recipes to Love for Meatless MondayArticle
    in soups, wakame in salads to nori in wraps, there seem to be unlimited ways to use sea vegetables in your favorite dishes. Here are just a few delicious seaweed recipes to enjoy this Meatless MondayRead more
  10. Dona Benta era PANCRecipe
    pro passado, vamos pra Bahia. Não come carne? Troque os camarões por uma pitada de alga Nori ou talvez Wakame picadinhas (você as encontra em mercados japoneses, lojas de produtos naturaisRead more

Hydrolethalus syndrome


Hydrolethalus syndrome (less commonly referred to as Salonen-Herva-Norio syndrome) is a rare genetic disorder that causes improper fetal development, resulting in birth defects and often stillbirth.It is associated with HYLS1 mutations.Hydrolethalus syndrome can cause heart and brain defects, a cleft lip or palate, an abnormally shaped nose or jaw, or incomplete lung development. These defects...More

photo Nori



Nori (海苔?) is the Japanese name for edible seaweed species of the red algae genus Porphyra, including P. yezoensis and P. tenera. Nori is familiar in the United States and other countries as an ingredient of sushi, being referred to as "nori" (as the Japanese do) or simply as seaweed. Finished products are made by a shredding and rack-drying process that resembles papermaking.Porphyra is also...More