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"Non 24 hour sleep–wake disorder"

  1. photo Darkness for Health? 3 Reasons to Turn the Lights OutDarkness for Health? 3 Reasons to Turn the Lights OutArticle
    stimulates non-visual systems like hormones, fertility and the sleep-wake cycle, it might be worth it to cut your exposure to TVs and computers a few hours before bed-time and enjoy your shut-eye in totalRead more
  2. photo Lose Weight, <b>Sleep</b> BetterLose Weight, Sleep BetterTreatment
    are long gone. It’s estimated that about 12 million people in the US alone suffer from sleep apnea. Study after study in the medical literature tells us that this sleep disorder can significantly increaseRead more
  3. photo Light Therapy for Eating <b>Disorders</b>Light Therapy for Eating DisordersTreatment
    and, thereby, improve mood and pathological eating patterns influenced by this sleep-wake cycle. This theory is bolstered by successful case studies involving light therapy in patients with atypical eatingRead more

photo Non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder

Non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder


Non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder (non-24), is one of several types of chronic circadian rhythm sleep disorders (CRSDs). It is defined as a "complaint of insomnia or excessive sleepiness related to abnormal synchronization between the 24-hour light–dark cycle and the endogenous circadian rhythms of sleep and wake propensity." Symptoms result when the non-entrained (free-running) endogenous...More