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  1. Burn Bay Leaves in the House and See What Would Happen After 10 Minutes!Article
    , anti-rheumatic, bactericide, antiseptic, and diuretic properties. Moreover, the berries and leaves provide excellent results in the case of stomach flu, hysteria, and neurasthenia. Its main activeRead more
  2. How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Get Rid Headaches and AnxietyTreatment
    , Dienel A, Schlaefke S. Phase II study on the effects of lavender oil (Silexan) in patients with neurasthenia, posttraumatic stress disorders or somatisation disorder. Focus on Alternative and  Read more
  3. photo 15 of The Best Herbs and Plants To Stabilize and Boost Thyroid Function15 of The Best Herbs and Plants To Stabilize and Boost Thyroid FunctionTreatment
    commonly caused by chemo, radiation, angina, hypercholesterolemia, neurasthenia with headache, insomnia, and poor appetite. It provides strong anti-inflammatory, immunogenic and antidepressant propertiesRead more
  4. photo Alternative Health Glossary of Medical TermsAlternative Health Glossary of Medical TermsTreatment
    , coriander, geranium) Neurasthenia – Nervous exhaustion. (Oils: palmarosa, petitgrain, pine, rosemary, sandalwood, spruce, allspice, cumin, elemi, fir needle, lemongrass) Neuromuscular – Of or relatingRead more
  5. photo Natural products expo west 2013 part threeNatural products expo west 2013 part threeArticle
    on the Reduced Risk … ( link) Study 8 – Product Information: Nature’s Way CalmAid (link) Study 9 – Phase II Trial on the Effects of Silexan in Patients w/ Neurasthenia … (link) Study 10Read more

photo Neurasthenia



Neurasthenia is a term that was first used at least as early as 1829 to label a mechanical weakness of the actual nerves, rather than the more metaphorical "nerves" referred to by George Miller Beard later.As a psychopathological term, neurasthenia was used by Beard in 1869 to denote a condition with symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, headache, neuralgia and depressed mood.Neurasthenia is currently...More