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  1. Defeat Lyme disease without antibioticsNews
    Let's be blunt: Western medicine will never really cure Lyme disease because the focus (like everything they do) is on symptoms, not the underlying cause. In fact, sadly, if you've been sufferingRead more
  2. photo Stop <b>Lyme</b> <b>disease</b> - How one woman was curedStop Lyme disease - How one woman was curedNews
    More than 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease in the United States - each year. Sadly, many more suffer from this disease but get misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosisRead more
  3. photo The challenge of diagnosing <b>Lyme</b> <b>disease</b>The challenge of diagnosing Lyme diseaseNews
    Lyme disease is caused by the spirochete bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) which is transmitted to humans through the black-legged tick bite. This condition is extremely serious and veryRead more
  4. Why antibiotics may not work for Lyme diseaseNews
    , the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, has a corkscrew shape that allows it to bore deep into tissues and cartilage (including the brain and nervous system), safely out of reach of most antibiotics. BorreliaRead more
  5. photo <b>Lyme</b> <b>disease</b> expert Dr. Richard Horowitz shares healthy wisdom in upcoming Thyroid SummitLyme disease expert Dr. Richard Horowitz shares healthy wisdom in upcoming Thyroid SummitNews
    Richard Horowitz, M.D., is scheduled to speak at The Thyroid Summit, an online event which begins June 2 and runs through June 9. His presentation will be titled "Could You Have Lyme DiseaseRead more
  6. photo Cannabis kicks <b>Lyme</b> <b>disease</b> to the curbCannabis kicks Lyme disease to the curbNews
    Lyme disease has been controversial for some years. Many medical practitioners misdiagnose it, while several think that it's mental. With Lyme disease, there are so many symptoms, so manyRead more
  7. photo Juice feasting can heal <b>Lyme</b> <b>disease</b> naturallyJuice feasting can heal Lyme disease naturallyNews
    Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness in North America and Europe. Deer ticks, which feed on the blood of animals and humans, can harbor the bacteria - Borrelia burgdorferi - and spreadRead more
  8. photo What Is <b>Lyme</b> <b>disease</b> and why the controversy?What Is Lyme disease and why the controversy?News
    Lyme disease is no longer an obscure malady that can only be caught in Connecticut. In 2013, the year with the latest available data, the CDC predicted an estimated 300,000 actual new cases, thoughRead more
  9. photo Scoop on <b>Lyme</b> <b>disease</b> and progressScoop on Lyme disease and progressNews
    On May 22 and May 23 members from the Lyme disease community held a protest at the headquarters of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) in Arlington, Virginia. Members from the chronicRead more
  10. photo How to rid the body of <b>Lyme</b> <b>disease</b> naturallyHow to rid the body of Lyme disease naturallyNews
    The bacteria that cause Lyme can be found in the skin, heart, joints, and nervous system. On top of that, Lyme disease specialists are finding that what we call Lyme disease may be caused by severalRead more

photo Lyme disease

Lyme disease


Lyme disease or borreliosis, is an infectious disease. It is caused by bacteria of the genus Borrelia. The disease is carried by ticks which are parasitic on mammals such as mice and deer. In other words, ticks are the vector which transmits the disease.It is the most common tick-borne infection in the United States. Although Allen Steere realized in 1978 that Lyme disease was a tick-borne...More