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"Leaky gut syndrome"

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  1. photo What causes <b>leaky</b> <b>gut</b> <b>syndrome</b> and how to heal the intestinesWhat causes leaky gut syndrome and how to heal the intestinesNews
    What is leaky gut syndrome? You hear the term leaky gut syndrome and imagine holes poked into your intestines. Unfortunately, your image is pretty much spot on.In a healthy gut, the walls are linedRead more
  2. photo Is <b>Leaky</b> <b>Gut</b> <b>Syndrome</b> Causing Tummy Troubles?Is Leaky Gut Syndrome Causing Tummy Troubles?Article
    for that MuMu or another roll of Tums, you might want to ask your doctor if you could be suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome. What is Leaky Gut Syndrome? Most people are surprised to learn that the small intestineRead more
  3. photo <b>Leaky</b> <b>Gut</b>: What is it and Do You Have it?Leaky Gut: What is it and Do You Have it?Treatment
    to consider. Inflamed Bowel Syndrome One of the first signs that you have leaky gut is inflammation in the bowel. This inflammation can first be misdiagnosed as a symptom of Crohn's Disease. You will noticeRead more
  4. photo Balance your <b>gut</b> flora quickly, kill Candida, and eliminate diseaseBalance your gut flora quickly, kill Candida, and eliminate diseaseNews
    setting off an immune response that causes allergies, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. This is called leaky gut syndrome. The good news is that Candida in the gut can be eradicated quickly, restoringRead more
  5. photo High Fructose Corn Syrup Now Labeled as Fructose or HFCS-90High Fructose Corn Syrup Now Labeled as Fructose or HFCS-90News
    , or HFCS, contains 42% or 55 percent fructose. Health issues relating to free fructose include diabetes, leaky gut syndrome, and liver failure.The Corn Refiners Association states,"...HFCS-90 is sometimesRead more
  6. photo How gluten and candida cause <b>leaky</b> <b>gut</b>How gluten and candida cause leaky gutNews
    , the testing for both of these diseases leaves much to be desired. Researchers and health practitioners are now making the connections between gluten, Candida, leaky gut syndrome, and dozens of autoimmuneRead more
  7. photo Wheat and multiple sclerosis - why and how gluten exacerbates symptomsWheat and multiple sclerosis - why and how gluten exacerbates symptomsNews
    . To learn more, read Gluten, Candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Autoimmune Diseases and Naturally Treat Multiple Sclerosis - Therapies, Diet, Pain Management, Alternative Medicine.Read more
  8. photo <b>Leaky</b> <b>gut</b> <b>syndrome</b>, Candida, and autoimmune diseaseLeaky gut syndrome, Candida, and autoimmune diseaseNews
    exposures occur, the immune system mounts an inflammatory response, which targets tissues and organs. Leaky gut and Autoimmune DiseasesLeaky gut has been found in association with asthma, diabetesRead more
  9. photo Joint Pain - What causes it and how to stop it naturallyJoint Pain - What causes it and how to stop it naturallyNews
    nutrition, detoxification, and exercise, it will begin to heal. But we can help the process with supplements and targeted foods. Anyone familiar with natural healing is aware of leaky gut syndromeRead more
  10. photo The hidden dangers of going gluten-free - here's how to avoid the pitfallsThe hidden dangers of going gluten-free - here's how to avoid the pitfallsNews
    syndrome. This may explain why gluten intolerance has become prevalent since GMOs were introduced into the food supply."What exactly is the leaky gut syndrome and why is it a problem? Basically, whenRead more

Leaky gut syndrome


Leaky gut syndrome is a proposed condition some health practitioners claim is the cause of a wide range of serious long-term conditions, including diabetes, lupus, and multiple sclerosis. Proponents of leaky gut syndrome state that an altered or damaged bowel lining or gut wall results from poor diet, parasites, infection, or medications, and that this allows substances such as toxins,...More