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  1. photo <b>Kiwifruit</b>KiwifruitArticle
    Contents: Season for Kiwifruit Kiwifruit Described How to Buy and Store Kiwifruit How to Cook Kiwifruit Health Benefits of Kiwifruit Why Buy Natural and Organic Kiwifruit SeasonRead more
  2. photo Organic <b>Kiwifruit</b>Organic KiwifruitArticle
    Kiwifruit, often called “kiwis,” is a perfect summer fruit—juicy, nutritious and versatile. Many people fail to realize the fuzzy brown skin is edible, once you rinse and dry the fruit. Like many, IRead more
  3. photo Reduce your heart disease risk with kiwi: ResearchReduce your heart disease risk with kiwi: ResearchNews
    Eating just two to three kiwifruits a day may significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, research suggests.Although their name associates them with New Zealand, kiwifruits (or "kiwisRead more
  4. photo Summer Fruit KebabsSummer Fruit KebabsArticle
    be available at your local natural and organic food store. Consider serving the kebabs with a refreshing Kiwi Vesper cocktail/mocktail or Watermelon Lemonade with Kiwifruit Splash. Nutrition Note: A two-pieceRead more
  5. photo Watermelon LemonadeWatermelon LemonadeArticle
    local organic food store. It combines two summertime favorites: watermelon and kiwi. Watermelon Lemonade With Kiwifruit Splash Makes six 1-cup servings 2 kiwifruit, peeled and cut into fourths 1Read more
  6. photo Kiwi Vesper (Cocktail & Mocktail)Kiwi Vesper (Cocktail & Mocktail)Article
    his drink, and we can reasonably assume it’s shaken, not stirred. Our weekend recipe is a summery, party-ready variation, with kiwifruit as the star attraction. If you’d prefer to make a mocktailRead more
  7. photo What’s Green & Fuzzy All Winter Long? Why, Kiwi, Of CourseWhat’s Green & Fuzzy All Winter Long? Why, Kiwi, Of CourseArticle
    kiwi – a delicious, nutritious and festive little fruit! Getting to Know Kiwi Wondering about kiwi (sometimes referred to as kiwifruit)? Here are a few bits of information about this green and deliciousRead more
  8. photo Kiwi Fruit RevelationsKiwi Fruit RevelationsTreatment
    thistopic there! To learn more about the studies referenced in today’s column, please click on the following links: Study 1 – Kiwifruit Decreases Blood Pressure and Whole-Blood Platelet … (linkRead more
  9. photo Exotic superfruit: Considering the health benefits of kiwiExotic superfruit: Considering the health benefits of kiwiNews
    Exotic, delicious and still wonderfully nutritious, kiwifruit should be an important part of your daily meal plans. Identified by its small, fuzzy shape and unique color, kiwi adds a unique flavorRead more
  10. photo Organic Blueberry-Mint LimeadeOrganic Blueberry-Mint LimeadeArticle
    with Kiwifruit Splash Rosemary-Laced Lemonade Tea Asian Lemonade Spiced Lemonade Tagged: beverages , blueberries , fruit , juice , lemonade , limeade , Organic Food , recipes Related PostsRead more

photo Kiwifruit



The kiwifruit or Chinese gooseberry (sometimes shortened to kiwi outside New Zealand), is the edible berry of a woody vine in the genus Actinidia. The most common cultivar group of kiwifruit ('Hayward') is oval, about the size of a large hen's egg (5–8 cm (2.0–3.1 in) in length and 4.5–5.5 cm (1.8–2.2 in) in diameter). It has a fibrous, dull greenish-brown skin and bright green or golden flesh...More