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  1. photo <b>Hypothyroid</b> Alternative TreatmentsHypothyroid Alternative TreatmentsTreatment
    What Is Hypothyroidism? Primary Hypothyroidism, or under active thyroid gland, may cause a wide variety of symptoms and can affect all bodily functions. The body’s normal rateRead more
  2. photo How To Treat <b>Hypothyroidism</b> NaturallyHow To Treat Hypothyroidism NaturallyTreatment
    genes and makes sure cells do their job. You can freely consider it as a fundamental mechanism, because every single cell in the body has thyroid hormone receptors. Hypothyroidism refers to lowRead more
  3. photo Avoid <b>hypothyroidism</b> by avoiding the causesAvoid hypothyroidism by avoiding the causesNews
    use.Conventional Hypothyroidism Treatments People with overactive thyroids are often treated with radioactive iodine or anti-thyroid medications intended to normalize thyroid function. Often these treatments resultRead more
  4. photo Heal <b>hypothyroidism</b> in 4 simple stepsHeal hypothyroidism in 4 simple stepsNews
    to heal hypothyroidism by incorporating these four simple steps.Foods to eat The most common nutritional deficiency behind hypothyroidism is insufficient iodine. The low levels of this mineral in the dietRead more
  5. photo Fluoride causes <b>hypothyroidism</b> leading to depression, weight gainFluoride causes hypothyroidism leading to depression, weight gainNews
    be increasing the risk for hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, a condition in which the thyroid gland fails to produce enough hormones, resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, obesityRead more
  6. photo Osteomalacia and <b>hypothyroid</b> myopathy are often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgiaOsteomalacia and hypothyroid myopathy are often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgiaNews
    , and fibromyalgia is an auto-immune disease ( the immune system is not functioning correctly). (Consider B complex and magnesium as well).Hypothyroid myopathyHypothyroid myopathy can also cause severe jointRead more
  7. photo How Maca Root can Prevent <b>Hypothyroidism</b>How Maca Root can Prevent HypothyroidismTreatment
    hypothyroidism. The original research was done by a doctor on how women who have moderate or severe symptoms at the time of menopause can find improvement in their thyroid condition with the use of maca rootRead more
  8. photo Studies confirm fluoridated water is linked to <b>hypothyroidism</b>, fatigue, obesity and depressionStudies confirm fluoridated water is linked to hypothyroidism, fatigue, obesity and depressionNews
    (hypothyroidism) may be exposure to fluoride in drinking water. A 2015 study by researchers from the University of Kent, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, found that people exposedRead more
  9. photo Do you suffer from <b>hypothyroidism</b>? How to tell if your thyroid is slowDo you suffer from hypothyroidism? How to tell if your thyroid is slowNews
    as a whole.Some of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism include a dry, flaky scalp and pain, tightness, or a feeling of joints being "out of place" (in need of a chiropractic adjustment) in the trapezoidRead more
  10. photo Dana Trentini the '<b>Hypothyroid</b> Mom' to speak at upcoming Thyroid SummitDana Trentini the 'Hypothyroid Mom' to speak at upcoming Thyroid SummitNews
    Dana Trentini, MA, the "Hypothyroid Mom," is scheduled to speak at The Thyroid Summit, an online event which begins June 2 and runs through June 9. Her presentation will be titled "FertilityRead more

photo Hypothyroidism



Hypothyroidism is a medical condition. If a person has hypothyroidism, their thyroid gland does not make enough hormones. It can be caused by many factors, but it is more common when a person has insufficient iodine. Severe hypothyroidism in infants can result in cretinism. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include the following: tiredness, headaches, weight gain, dry skin, constipation, and poor...More