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  1. Risoto de shiitake e hijikiArticle
    de alga hijiki 1/2 cebola picada 2 dentes de alho picados 2 colheres de sopa de molho shoyu sal à gosto. Modo de preparo Lave o arroz e deixe-o de molho em água fria enquanto prepara os demais ingredientesRead more
  2. Algas – mais que um nutritivo alimentoTreatment
    de sushi. Rica em proteína, cálcio, ferro, vitamina A, B e C. A alga nori contém duas vezes mais proteína do que algumas carnes. Kelp:  rica em complexo B e vitamina E, D e K. Hijiki: semelhante a pequenosRead more
  3. photo Seaweed 6 Ways: Salads, Snacks, Smoothies and a Skin-Renewing Facial!Seaweed 6 Ways: Salads, Snacks, Smoothies and a Skin-Renewing Facial!Article
    . Seaweeds even have external benefits for smoother, glowing skin, when used topically. Kombu, nori, dulse, kelp, hijiki and even spirulina are just some of the types of seaweeds available. Nori you’ve likelyRead more
  4. photo Should You Be Eating Seaweed?Should You Be Eating Seaweed?Article
    on some hijiki, a Japanese seaweed that can contain high levels of arsenic. Fortunately, you can find excellent quality seaweed available. Seek out certified organic (which is a big task for a wild grownRead more
  5. photo Secrets to hair rejuvenationSecrets to hair rejuvenationNews
    Rejuvenation formula uses many of these herbs to good effect. Hair nourishing foods include: hijiki seaweed, wheat grass, nettles, dark bitter greens, and rice mochi. The consumption of excess sweets and saltRead more
  6. photo What your gray hair may be telling youWhat your gray hair may be telling youNews
    , hijiki seaweed, nettles and, Ann Wigmore's favorite, wheatgrass.recommends the avoidance of excessive dairy, meat and salt.In Ayurvedic thought, graying hair is related to an underlying disturbanceRead more
  7. photo The Seaweed DefenseThe Seaweed DefenseArticle
    of dulse, hijiki, nori or wakame. Bathe in them! You can add fresh seaweed (be careful of the clog) or tea from dried seaweed into your bath to help release toxins through your body’s pores.  Slather themRead more
  8. Cogumelo – alimento nutritivo, saboroso e sustentávelRecipe
    do alimento. Além de todos os motivos já citados, cogumelos são deliciosos! Não faltam razões para incluí-los no seu cardápio regularmente. Receitas com cogumelos: Risoto de shiitake e hijiki  | ShiitakesRead more
  9. photo Supercharge your health with seaweedSupercharge your health with seaweedNews
    and cadmium. Many ecologists useas a biomonitor to determine levels of heavy metal pollution in a body of water. They seem to absorb arsenic more than other metals. Hijiki has been tested to have the highestRead more
  10. photo 8 Must-Eat Food Trends for a Delicious 20138 Must-Eat Food Trends for a Delicious 2013Article
    and dried black hijiki. 6. Pineberries – With a tropical pineapple flavor and the look of a white strawberry with red seeds, the pineberry is a new arrival to the fruit and vegetable scene. A hybridRead more

photo Hijiki



Hijiki (ヒジキ, 鹿尾菜 or 羊栖菜, hijiki?) (Sargassum fusiforme, syn. Hizikia fusiformis) is a brown sea vegetable growing wild on rocky coastlines around Japan, Korea, and China.Hijiki is a traditional food and has been a part of a balanced diet in Japan for centuries. Hijiki is known to be rich in dietary fibre and essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. According to Japanese...More