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  1. photo Mononucleose Infecciosa – O que é, Sintomas e TratamentosMononucleose Infecciosa – O que é, Sintomas e TratamentosTreatment
    -Barr da família Herpesviridae, transmitida principalmente pela saliva. Ocorre um aumento das células mononucleadas devido à infecção viral. Normalmente a Mononucleose Infecciosa ocorre em adolescentesRead more

photo Herpesviridae



Herpesviridae is a large family of DNA viruses that cause diseases in animals, including humans. The members of this family are also known as herpesviruses. The family name is derived from the Greek word herpein ("to creep"), referring to the latent, recurring infections typical of this group of viruses. Herpesviridae can cause latent or lytic infections.At least five species of Herpesviridae –...More