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  1. photo Câncer de Fígado- Causas, Sintomas e TratamentosCâncer de Fígado- Causas, Sintomas e TratamentosTreatment
    , o hepatoblastoma. Então, confira Câncer de Fígado- Causas, Sintomas e Tratamentos. Causas do Câncer de Fígado: A cirrose (formação de cicatrizes ou nódulos que bloqueiam a circulação do sangue, em geralRead more 100.011 votos

photo Hepatoblastoma



Hepatoblastoma is an uncommon malignant liver neoplasm occurring in infants and children and composed of tissue resembling fetal liver cells, mature liver cells, or bile duct cells. They usually present with an abdominal mass. The disease is most commonly diagnosed during a child's first three years of life Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) commonly is elevated, but when AFP is not elevated at diagnosis...More