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  1. photo Clove (Syzygium Aromaticum) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesClove (Syzygium Aromaticum) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesTreatment
    oil is a very potent oil and should be used with care. If it is used in a oil, lotion or cream applied to the skin, the concentration should be well below 1%. Avoid in alcoholism, in haemophiliaRead more

Haemophilia B


Haemophilia B (or hemophilia B) is a blood clotting disorder caused by a mutation of the factor IX gene, leading to a deficiency of factor IX. It is the second-most common form of haemophilia, rarer than haemophilia A. It is sometimes called Christmas disease, named after Stephen Christmas, the first patient described with this disease. In addition, the first report of its identification was...More