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  1. Chá de Guiné para FaringiteTreatment
    Os gargarejos e bochechos de chá de guiné para faringite são uma ótima solução caseira, pois a guiné possui propriedades analgésicas que garantem a eficácia no tratamento da faringite. Este cháRead more
  2. photo Benefícios do chá de <b>Guiné</b>Benefícios do chá de GuinéTreatment
    Foto: Reprodução Uma das plantas mais perigosas nativas do Brasil é a Guiné, também conhecida como Eva de pipi, Tipi, Tipi Verdadeiro e Amansa Senhor, seu nome científico é Petivea alliaceaRead more
  3. photo Muitas dores? Conheça a <b>guiné</b> pipi e alivie esses malesMuitas dores? Conheça a guiné pipi e alivie esses malesTreatment
    A guiné pipi, de nome científico petiveria alliacea, é uma planta pertencente à família das fitoláceas, também conhecida como erva-pipi, raiz de guiné, tipi e pipi. Trata-se de uma planta pereneRead more
  4. photo Cuddly <b>Guinea</b> Pigs Slaughtering Watermelon!Cuddly Guinea Pigs Slaughtering Watermelon!Article
    It’s hideous! I can’t look. Oh the humanity. That poor watermelon, even the brown guinea pig with the sparkly clip in her hair is relentless. Her savage squeaks are terrifying. Guinea pigsRead more
  5. photo <b>Guiné</b> ( Petiveria-alliacea ) - combate dor muscular, dores de garganta, reumatismo e muito mais. Confira !Guiné ( Petiveria-alliacea ) - combate dor muscular, dores de garganta, reumatismo e muito mais. Confira !Treatment
    Guiné ( Petiveria-alliacea ) Guiné planta medicinal também conhecida como Eva de pipi , Tipi , tipi-verdadeiro , raiz-de-guiné e Amansa Senhor . É usada para fins terapêuticos devidoRead more
  6. photo US government using humans as <b>guinea</b> pigs in flu virus medical experimentsUS government using humans as guinea pigs in flu virus medical experimentsNews
    into the noses of human guinea pigs, who will then receive $3,000 in compensation for their participation.Ignorant about the vital role that nutrition, rest, hydration and exposure to natural sunlight playRead more
  7. photo Pregnant women to serve as human <b>guinea</b> pigs for experimental Zika vaccinePregnant women to serve as human guinea pigs for experimental Zika vaccineNews
    words, women carrying around unborn babies need to volunteer as human guinea pigs to see if a potentially deadly vaccine for Zika can protect them from a potentially deadly disease. It's circularRead more
  8. Suco de bissap: hibisco, rosélia, fruto de vinagreira, quiabo-de-angola, caruru-da-guiné...Recipe
    Hibisco ou bissap: frutos frescos e secos daqui e, em pó, do Senegal Para quem acredita nisto, esta bebida poderá servir para &quot;desintoxicar&quot; seu organismo depois das cervejas do...Read more
  9. photo Ebola isn't over: <b>Guinea</b> closes border as Sierra Leone goes into lockdown to combat spread of diseaseEbola isn't over: Guinea closes border as Sierra Leone goes into lockdown to combat spread of diseaseNews
    cases of Ebola have reportedly tapered off in Sierra Leone, and all but disappeared in neighboring Liberia, Guinea is still being hit hard, which has prompted a new phase of border closures. AccordingRead more
  10. photo Ebola blood samples stolen in <b>Guinea</b>; this is how terrorists can easily acquire the bioweaponEbola blood samples stolen in Guinea; this is how terrorists can easily acquire the bioweaponNews
    to Saa Mamady Leno, a Red Cross official in Gueckedou. Police later questioned the courier, Abubakar Donzo.A Guinea Red Cross spokesman, Faya Etienne Tolno, told the CP that the organization was shortRead more

photo Guinea


Medicinal Plant

Guinea i/ˈɡɪni/, officially the Republic of Guinea (French: République de Guinée), is a country in West Africa. Formerly known as French Guinea (French: Guinée française), it is today sometimes called Guinea-Conakry to distinguish it from its neighbour Guinea-Bissau and Equatorial Guinea. Guinea has a population of 10.5 million and an area of 245,860 square kilometres (94,927 sq mi).Guinea is a...More