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  1. photo <b>Fit</b> in <b>Fitness</b>Fit in FitnessArticle
    When you embrace the principles of organic living, it’s also important to stay active. Physical fitness can help you manage stress, control your weight, reduce your risk for heart disease, preventRead more
  2. photo Qual o segredo da batata doce para quem é <b>fitness</b>?Qual o segredo da batata doce para quem é fitness?Article
    Se você frequenta a academia ou tem colegas e amigos adeptos da musculação, já deve conhecer um dos alimentos bastante apreciados por quem é fitness: a batata doce. Este carboidrato consideradoRead more
  3. photo Alimentos com propriedades <b>fitness</b>Alimentos com propriedades fitnessArticle
    Para conseguir chegar no peso ideal, tão sonhado por muitos homens e mulheres, é preciso muita dedicação, treino, mas também uma alimentação saudável. Existem ainda alguns alimentos que podem...Read more
  4. photo Can You Be <b>Fit</b> AND Fat?Can You Be Fit AND Fat?Article
    What does it mean to be fit? Most of use the word fitness interchangeably with the word “healthy.” We generally consider a fit person someone who works out, eats well, and cares for their bodyRead more
  5. photo The Brain <b>Fitness</b> ProgramThe Brain Fitness ProgramArticle
    Fitness Program. The other half of the volunteers watched educational DVDs and took tests on the material afterward. The idea was to have both groups engaged in activities that required focus and memoryRead more
  6. photo Which Fish Is <b>Fit</b> to Eat?Which Fish Is Fit to Eat?Article
    to Fitzgerald. Unfortunately, imports account for 80% of consumption. “This means that most Americans don’t know where their fish is from or how it is produced,” he says. You can separate the fit fish fromRead more
  7. photo 8 Super Fun Pet <b>Fitness</b> Products: Get <b>Fit</b> Together8 Super Fun Pet Fitness Products: Get Fit TogetherArticle
    With warmer weather just around the corner, I’m not sure who’s more excited – dogs or dog owners. What’s most exciting is the number of ways you can get fit with your pet, no matter your workoutRead more
  8. photo Were You Born With <b>Fit</b> Genes?Were You Born With Fit Genes?Article
    You have a workout buddy. Let’s call her, Diana. You take the same fitness classes, go jogging together, have similar diets, and live similarly active lifestyles. You both work really hardRead more
  9. photo Accuracy of <b>fitness</b> trackers called into questionAccuracy of fitness trackers called into questionNews
    If you're wearing a fitness tracker to gauge your physical activity and the calories you've burned, you may want to reconsider the numbers you see at the end of your workout or day. The truthRead more
  10. photo Cross Train: Serious <b>Fitness</b> OnlineCross Train: Serious Fitness OnlineArticle
    a gym rat, it’s only recently that I joined a gym. Up until last year I was a dedicated home fitness nut. A for-reals, bore you to death, totally obsessed nut. I have done a LOT of home workouts, and I’mRead more